Finding the Right Fragrance For You

Finding the perfect scent can be  overwhelming considering the thousands of fragrances available. Many women just stick to what they know and wear the same fragrance for  years. If it is a scent that you truly love, it is understandable… but, if you are thinking about starting fresh, your wedding day is the perfect day to break out a new scent! 

Tips for finding the right scent :

Never try on more than one scent at a time, it is a guaranteed headache for you and everyone around you.

Talk with the fragrance expert behind the counter. Their knowledge may surprise you and come in very handy.

Use your nose, not your mind. The name of a scent may not sound like something you want to wear and may be exactly what you like.

Wear a scent for 24 hours before deciding if you like it. It may start out okay but, then react with your body chemistry in a negative manner.

An additional tip for your wedding (specifically) is to take into consideration the fragrance of the floral arrangements. You never want to clash with your flowers.

After you have chosen the perect scent, remember to us it sparingly. The rule is that people should only be able to smell your fragrance if they are  close enough to hug you, anything more than that and you have gone too far.

Dousing yourself in perfume is no only a major etiquette faux pas, it can make people very sick.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago