The Big Splurge – Is It Worth it?

Everybody is guilty of “Monday Morning Quarterbacking” from time to time. What you should have said to someone, what you should have worn, something as simple as what you should have eaten for lunch. With weddings, there is a lot of this since it is a big event in your life and looking back, there are many things that brides and grooms would do differently. So when it comes to a big splurge, ask your self this “Is it  worth it?”

Worth It

Hair and makeup –  Hands down, brides agree this is one area where they are pleased to have spent a few extra dollars.

Music – Adding 2 extra pieces to an orchestra or band can make a noticeable difference, or if you choose a DJ, make sure to hire a professional. Music is the pulse of the event.

Wedding Planner – Even if you go with the simplest service and just hire a ‘day of’ planner, you will be happy that (for once) someone else is worrying about all the details and not you.

Food – Paying a little extra ‘per plate’ to get better food is a no-brainer. Great food = happy guests, happy guests=worth it.

Photo/Video – No one ever says they got too many pictures at their wedding, or the pictures were too good.  Plus a great video will provide you with years of entertainment and happiness.


Not Worth It

Extra Appetizers – Too much food during the cocktail hour will result in the guests not eating the delightful dinner that lies ahead. Keep it to a minimum.

Extravagant Favors – One area where the extra money does not pay off. Many people will leave the favors and then, what are you going to do with all the extras? Most couples suggest something simple and thoughtful or nothing at all.

Extras – Adding toiletries in the bathroom to match your wedding colors, extravagant place cards, really pricey garter or other non-essentials. You will never reap the rewards from these odds and ends. Again, make an impact with the things that are the most meaningful.


Of course, these are just opinions from past brides and grooms. Maybe favors are your big splurge and you have decided that it is worth it. If it is, do it right and make sure it is done in a way that will leave you with nothing to regret Monday morning except an empty bank account.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago