Weddings That WOW!

There is a lot of talk lately about personal touches for your wedding,  the way you bring together the style and theme to express your personality. Some people use color, others use  flowers, food, signature cocktail, interesting videography, wild place cards, guest books, etc. There are literally thousands  combinations and choices to make your event stand out and be noticed. In the end, the best way to show your guests that you have planned an event made for you and no one else is to use your imagination and break some rules.

Invitations: The invitation is one of the most important parts of the entire event. It gives information, shows color and gives insight into what type of affair you are having (formal, casual, etc). Oddly enough, making sure the font on the invitations, place cards, programs and all written material is all the same will have an impact. If you use several different fonts, do the same! Also with invitations, think about the look of the venue, the color of the flowers, the style of your centerpieces… all of those things can be expressed with a colorful, imaginative invitation that compliment the reception in every way.

Matching Everything: is a No-No. It makes the event look too cookie-cutter and typical. For a more memorable effect, use shades of the same color in an ombre fashion or choose complimentary colors of completely different families.

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Holidays: A great excuse to tailor your theme to a beloved family gathering. Be careful of giving in to the ‘been there, done that’ details and use your imagination. Consider purple for Halloween instead of the traditional orange and black, or white for a Christmas wedding in lieu of poinsettias and greenery.




In the end, it s every small detail added up that will give your event that finished look. The tiniest table adornment that mirrors something they have already seen expressed somewhere else in your decor will truly create a lasting impression, even if it is subliminal… it’s there. Remember, there is a very fine line between OCD and attention to detail!

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago