Avoid Makeup Mishaps!

Whether you have decided to go full out glam or opt for a natural look, there is nothing that can spoil your wedding photos quicker than poorly applied or ill-conceived makeup. Countless wedding horror stories plague the internet  and makeup is ALWAYS  at the top of the list.

Most women agree that makeup is an essential part of getting dressed in the morning. But everyday makeup will not last for an event as exhausting as your wedding. In order to have a flawless look you will need to start planning early.

Hire a professional.  The best way to find a professional that you like is to see some of their work. If you really want a smoky eye and there is not one example of this in their portfolio, you may have to keep searching. Make sure your makeup professional can handle your skin color as well. Have they ever worked on African American or Middle Eastern skin tones? If not, keep searching. Just because your favorite cousin went to beauty school does not mean she can handle your wedding makeup. Find someone you are comfortable with who does the kind of work you like.

Schedule a trail makeup session to make sure you don’t leave the chair looking like a circus clown. Take an objective friend and a camera with you so you can see how you look on film, not just in person. Sometimes makeup that looks severe in person shows up fantastic on camera and vice verse.

Always have a backup plan for the day of your event in case of a serious emergency. What if…… your makeup artist has a personal emergency (ruptured appendix or worse) and cannot fulfill their obligations? How would you handle it? Make sure you have all of the products used in your makeup trial. Ask if they have a back up person who you could call in case something unfortunate happens. Make sure at least one of your attendants can be trusted with a makeup brush.

And last but not least, keep some products in your purse for touch ups. Your lipstick will be almost gone after dinner, you will robably have to re-touch your mascara so it is imperative that you keep those items close by.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago

HOT! HOT! HOT! Trends in Hair 2012

There is always a new trend on the horizon when it comes to fashion, and hair is as much (or more) a part of fashion than your clothes. The perfect gown will be an epic fail without the right hairstyle and when you are walking down the aisle, you don’t need your hair to look like it was caught in a time warp.

 Braids. Loose or tight, perfectly coiffed to look somewhat messy, braids are a beautiful way to keep your hair securely off your face. The number one choice is the French Fishtail, a variation of the classic French Braid using only two strands of hair and weaving them in a herringbone fashion.

Ombre. This gradation of color has been very popular this year in gowns, flowers, cakes and now in hair. You can go light to dark or dark to light but, the important thing is GRADATION of color – not a definite line where one color starts and the other one ends. Rather than making your ends look brittle and dry, for some reason the lighter tips give your hair bounce and pizazz. Go figure!

Homemade Curls. Both nostalgic and modern, this girlish and quirky hairstyle gives off a laid back air. If you already have curly hair you can learn how to style curly hair here. Although it is best suited for longer hair – it works beautifully with the right shoulder length cut.

Retro Glam. Want to look like a movie star from the 1930’s? Try a super glamorous, retro style either half up, to the side or all down. Smooth as silk, no fly-aways, perfectly coiffed, this style is the utmost in elegant and not a casual look. If you choose this style, remember the makeup needs to be in sync with the same decade, smoky eyes do not apply here.

Choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding is an important decision. tTy out different styles until you find the look that suits your personal style  the best and do’t be afraid to experiment with something new as long as you have time to correct it if it doesn’t work out. Remember – trends are great…. but, the classics never die!

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago