HOT! HOT! HOT! Trends in Hair 2012

There is always a new trend on the horizon when it comes to fashion, and hair is as much (or more) a part of fashion than your clothes. The perfect gown will be an epic fail without the right hairstyle and when you are walking down the aisle, you don’t need your hair to look like it was caught in a time warp.

 Braids. Loose or tight, perfectly coiffed to look somewhat messy, braids are a beautiful way to keep your hair securely off your face. The number one choice is the French Fishtail, a variation of the classic French Braid using only two strands of hair and weaving them in a herringbone fashion.

Ombre. This gradation of color has been very popular this year in gowns, flowers, cakes and now in hair. You can go light to dark or dark to light but, the important thing is GRADATION of color – not a definite line where one color starts and the other one ends. Rather than making your ends look brittle and dry, for some reason the lighter tips give your hair bounce and pizazz. Go figure!

Homemade Curls. Both nostalgic and modern, this girlish and quirky hairstyle gives off a laid back air. If you already have curly hair you can learn how to style curly hair here. Although it is best suited for longer hair – it works beautifully with the right shoulder length cut.

Retro Glam. Want to look like a movie star from the 1930’s? Try a super glamorous, retro style either half up, to the side or all down. Smooth as silk, no fly-aways, perfectly coiffed, this style is the utmost in elegant and not a casual look. If you choose this style, remember the makeup needs to be in sync with the same decade, smoky eyes do not apply here.

Choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding is an important decision. tTy out different styles until you find the look that suits your personal style  the best and do’t be afraid to experiment with something new as long as you have time to correct it if it doesn’t work out. Remember – trends are great…. but, the classics never die!

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago

Pre-Wedding Disagreements & How To Solve Them

From the time the engagement ring is on your finger until the honeymoon begins, there are arguments lurking around every corner for engaged couples and if you aren’t careful, you can fall into the trap of  ‘agreeing to disagree’. In the beginning, wedding planning is fun; picking out colorful floral arrangements, sampling cake and planning how much fun your friends and family will have together. Then, suddenly you are in the middle of a family squabble over nothing…. literally nothing.

Top 5 Wedding disagreements and how to diffuse them:

1) Location. He grew up in South Carolina and you grew up in New Jersey but you both live in Chicago. If travel is impossible for one side of the family or another, take that into consideration, otherwise you should have the wedding where you both currently live.

2) Family. There are a million scenarios for the underlying problems of family tension, whether it is a rebellious sibling or an intolerant parent. The best thing to do is put your foot down early and tell them how things are going to work.  You may need to remind them from time to time.

3) Prenup. Why are so  many people so freaked out about prenups? Because it makes them feel like they are planning a divorce instead of a wedding. In reality, a prenup will protect both of you from yourselves and each other, and family. Decide if you love the person, sign it and be done with it.

4) The Past. Inviting ex-girlfriends/ boyfriends to the wedding may be fine for some and not for others. Don’t be surprised if this becomes a point for an argument later. There are rare situations where this is okay, otherwise – don’t do it.

5)Budget. The thing most couples (married or engaged) fight about is money.  Whether you have too much or not enough it is always a factor. Set your wedding budget, decide early who is paying for what and do not go over the total budget. You may want to cut corners on one thing to splurge on another but, always make sure the bottom line remains the same.

Whatever the reason for the disagreement, remember that planning a wedding is like a miniature crystal ball into your future. If you are arguing with his family (or vice versa) now – it will not magically change after you are married, if he is not involved now, he won’t be in the future, if you are both caught between bickering family members, this is the way of the future. The only thing you can do is stand your ground, now and don’t let outside factors interfere with your happiness.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago


Walking Down The Aisle

In a perfect world, every bride would be escorted down the aisle by a loving father who would then pass off the daunting task of caring for his little girl to her future husband. We all know that this crazy world we live in is far from perfect so, there are many cases when the question of  “Who will walk the bride down the aisle?” is tricky and or even painful.

 What happens when a bride’s parents are divorced and she shares a close relationship with her stepfather?  If the bride is closer to her stepfather, she may want to ask him instead, although if her biological father has stepped up to pay for the wedding, she should take that into account. Some brides have asked their stepfathers to walk them halfway down the aisle, where they meet their father and continue to walk the aisle escorted by him. If your father and stepfather have a friendly relationship, you could ask them both to walk you down the aisle, one on each arm. This is a lovely solution if everyone is in agreement.

What if the bride is estranged from her father for personal reasons or if  her father is deceased or otherwise unavailable? A bride may be escorted by a grandfather or favorite uncle. The bride may also choose to be escorted by her mother. 

What if the bride simply feels that it would be archaic to be given away? One modern solution has the bride being presented at one end of the aisle and then escorted by the groom, who walks down the aisle to meet her. Another solution is for the bride to walk down the aisle by herself.

And sometimes it is only appropriate that both mother and father escort the bride down the aisle.

The worst problems occur when there is a biological father who hasn’t been in the picture and a stepfather who has… then, suddenly the father feel entitled to walk his little girl down the aisle for a tearful goodbye when there have been too many missed opportunities over the years. 

In all cases, the bride needs to decide who, if anyone,  she wants to walk her down the aisle and then inform everyone of her decision… in person. If handled firmly and politely this will be the end of the subject.

No matter what your decision; mother, father, aunt, uncle or solo, it is important to remember that this moment does not have to be the end of a father/daughter relationship. It is only the beginning……


-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago