Wedding Trends You Wish Would Go Away

By the time a trend is mainstream enough for everyone to have seen it, it is usually on it’s way out. Shoulder pads, poofy veils, corsets, whatever it is, there is someone who started it, someone who will not let it die and those of us who wish it would end ( for the love of God). From around the globe on forums, pinterest, facebook and youtube these are the trends that you (the consumer) would like to stick a fork into… they are done.

Choreographed (surprise) wedding flash mob. When this first started a few years ago, couple couldn’t get enough of it. Well, it seems like now they have and that’s why 63% of couples said they think it is been done and overdone.

Pick Up Skirts. The wedding gown with drapes of fabric that is quite literally ‘picked up’ and sewn in place so the skirt is billowy. Nearly 70 of brides say this is a trend that has seen it’s time.

Flower-less bouquets. Bouquets made from buttons, crystals, and other knick-knacks are passe. 78% of brides want flowers… lots of flowers, flowers that smell good and look good and guess what? You can add the sparkly accents to a floral bouquet. The worst offender – cookie bouquet. Seriously.

Strapless Gowns. You can find bridal gowns made of just about every material in every price range, made of every fabric and nearly every style except one with sleeves. The designers are showing lace jackets, shrugs and boleros. A whopping 83% of all brides want something else… anything that is NOT strapless. Wake up!

Over the top theme weddings. This particular trend is so out of date that over 90% of couples wouldn’t even consider it. Re-enacting wedding scenes from a movie is going to make your photos look like a costume party. Grow up, have a wedding that is not goth, vampire, Star Wars or Twilight- themed. Instead, have a wedding  that features small touches of that one thing that you love.

In ten, twenty or thirty years you don’t want to look at your photos and wondering what went through your head. Stylish does not have to be boring and expressing yourself can be more fun if you focus on what’s really important and don’t turn your wedding into a circus.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago





Retro Weddings – Shaken, Not Stirred

With the return of Mad Men to prime time, the hottest show on TV has inspired a 50’s revolution in fashion and decor which will probably show up in weddings later this year. Whether it is a bridal gown with a tightly cinched waist and full skirt, a full-blown martini bar, or hints of 1950’s style sprinkled throughout the entire wedding, the ‘Nifty Fifties’  are upon us. If you have any doubts, pick up the latest issue of Newsweek, the entire magazine is devoted to ads and articles showcasing the retro style from cover to cover.

How can you get the look?

Makeup in the 1950’s was sophisticated and glamorous, simple and elegant. Strong eyebrows, neutral lids, and dark liner. As far as lipstick is concerned, you only have one choice: red. However, select a shade that compliments your skin tone so that you don’t wind up looking washed out. As always, if you use a makeup professional you hve a much better chance of acheiving the Audrey/Marilyn/Grace Kelly stlye.


Hair was softly curled and luxuriously smooth and with many hair types, this is not an easy task. A perfect 1950’s coiff would be a pompadour, rolled bangs or soft curls. Be aware that these styles take a great deal of time and really great products, allow for this when booking your hair appointment before the wedding.

Gowns were magnificent creations of lace and tulle. Full skirts with tiny waists, big veils, loads of detail and tea length gowns were the style. Choose a gown that accentuates the best of both you and the style of the decade. If you opt for a strapless gown, consider a bolero jacket or a shrug, each one were equally popular in the 1950’s.


Tuxedos have not changed drastically since the 1950’s but the difference is in the details. The ties were narrower, the shirts always pleated, the cummerbund was white or black  and the lapels were slimmer.  Straight leg pants, patent leather shoes and a spring in your step with complete the look. White dinner jackets weralso very  popular but, for the most formal occasion – tails were the norm.

To get the 50’s look, you don’t need to time travel….just tune in to Mad Men and pay close attention to the details!

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago