Chairs – Not Just For Covering!

For some time, chairs have been a vital part of the wedding and reception decor. Now, more than ever, brides are opting to rent beautiful chairs rather than cover up old ones with fabric, ribbon, bows, etc. Yes, you can use chair covers quite effectively and dramatically, the point is that there are so many less-fussy, original and creative chair choices in 2012, you can get just about anything you want!

Chiavari Chairs – Pronounced “kee-ah’-vah-ree” , these chairs are named after the coastal Italian town of Chiavari from which the design of the chair originates. Designed in 1807 by craftsman Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi, these chairs have become a staple at special events all over the world. What makes it so special? Design, construction and comfort. The famous chair has even been re-imagined by modern designer, Gio Ponti. Available in several colors including gold, silver, black, white and even clear lucite, these chairs are used everywhere from weddings to the White House, Grandma’s kitchen to the Grammy Awards. With this chair you will need no tulle, bows or covers, just make sure you rent the pads, too or your guests might not be as comfortable as they would like.

Wooden Folding Chairs – A beautiful white, black or wooden folding chair will make an outdoor ceremony look even better with just a touch of color. The simple fact that there is uniformity and clean lines give the overall look impact and style.

Aluminum Chairs – Having your reception in a loft or art gallery requires a special kind of chair. You will want something that speaks to the venue; chic, modern and  stylish. Consider brushed aluminum chairs, there are even some very nice options in the folding chair family that offer a casual, elegant look.


If you decide to rent chairs for the wedding and/or reception – always make sure you know what you are renting before you sign anything. Go to the company and touch the chairs, look at the quality, make sure it is not a copy or substitute. Cutting corners on something as simple as the chairs may seem like a good idea at first, until your guests are faced with looking at one of these:

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago


Weddings for Super Fans!

At every sporting event there are the people who paint their faces, color their hair, run on the field and probably have at least one room in their house completely decorated in their favorite team colors, complete with memorabilia. If your toilet paper has the logo of an opposing team- you are what we (on the outside) call a “Super Fan”. So, how does that translate to your wedding? It’s totally up to you.

Over The Top- Too much for some people is not nearly enough for others. If you want to get married on the football field and serve nachos at a tailgate reception, it is up to you. Don’t expect everyone to think  it is adorable or clever. If you are a Super Fan, do what you do best and don’t worry about what others will say.

groom's cake!

Less is More– Adding touches of your team’s colors, interesting elements of the sport itself or even posing for pictures can be quite fun without going crazy. Choose a team jersey for ‘autographs’ in lieu of a guest book, have a Chicago Bears Grooms cake, or a even cute little cake topper that shows your team spirit. Pinned Image


As we all know, it is easy to get carried away in a theme. It starts out fine and then after you stand back and look at your inspiration board, it looks more like a kids birthday party than a wedding. To avoid going overboard, stay away from anything too matchy-matchy, keep sports themed accessories to a minimum and don’t wear anything with a logo!

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago

Wedding Trends You Wish Would Go Away

By the time a trend is mainstream enough for everyone to have seen it, it is usually on it’s way out. Shoulder pads, poofy veils, corsets, whatever it is, there is someone who started it, someone who will not let it die and those of us who wish it would end ( for the love of God). From around the globe on forums, pinterest, facebook and youtube these are the trends that you (the consumer) would like to stick a fork into… they are done.

Choreographed (surprise) wedding flash mob. When this first started a few years ago, couple couldn’t get enough of it. Well, it seems like now they have and that’s why 63% of couples said they think it is been done and overdone.

Pick Up Skirts. The wedding gown with drapes of fabric that is quite literally ‘picked up’ and sewn in place so the skirt is billowy. Nearly 70 of brides say this is a trend that has seen it’s time.

Flower-less bouquets. Bouquets made from buttons, crystals, and other knick-knacks are passe. 78% of brides want flowers… lots of flowers, flowers that smell good and look good and guess what? You can add the sparkly accents to a floral bouquet. The worst offender – cookie bouquet. Seriously.

Strapless Gowns. You can find bridal gowns made of just about every material in every price range, made of every fabric and nearly every style except one with sleeves. The designers are showing lace jackets, shrugs and boleros. A whopping 83% of all brides want something else… anything that is NOT strapless. Wake up!

Over the top theme weddings. This particular trend is so out of date that over 90% of couples wouldn’t even consider it. Re-enacting wedding scenes from a movie is going to make your photos look like a costume party. Grow up, have a wedding that is not goth, vampire, Star Wars or Twilight- themed. Instead, have a wedding  that features small touches of that one thing that you love.

In ten, twenty or thirty years you don’t want to look at your photos and wondering what went through your head. Stylish does not have to be boring and expressing yourself can be more fun if you focus on what’s really important and don’t turn your wedding into a circus.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago