Celebrity Weddings – What Would You Do?

It is often said you can never be too rich or too thin. Personally, I am in no danger of being either one so I can only speculate on how difficult it must be to be both at the same time (insert eye roll). Some of the wealthiest, most beautiful women in the world are not high-profile celebrities and although they do have their share of wedding dilemmas,  it can’t compare to the pressure and burden of being Angelina Jolie during the planning of her eventual wedding to her equally high -profile (megastar) fiance, Brad Pitt. Especially since she is often critiqued about being too thin and probably too rich as well.

Of course she can hire planners to do everything, have stores closed down for shopping, visit designers showrooms and have all wedding attire custom designed and fitted to perfection. However, there comes a day (the wedding day) when all eyes are upon her and she has to find a gown that can stop the critics dead in their tracks… that is, if she cares at all. Critics (like me) who can be cynical and in other cases downright unkind.

The question remains, if you are Angelina Jolie, what will your wedding be like? My guess is completely toned down. Think of Kim Kardashian’s fairytale (staged) wedding and imagine the exact opposite. Not to the degree where people are eating off paper plates but you can bet that the wedding will not be televised unless the profits go to AMFAR or one of this power couple’s other pet projects.

Personally, if I were in her shoes, I would find a diaphanous gown of varying pastel shades, have all the children suited accordingly in matching pastels, find  a secluded spot in the English countryside, invite only close family and friends (and their kids) and have a charming afternoon event that is more about the ceremony than a lavish reception. If it were me, and I was thin and rich and high-profile, I would completely engulf myself in the Victorian/Antique theme that is so hot right now. I would do anything and everything to have  a casual, rustic, family gathering with Peonies, Hydrangeas,wildflowers  and antique china place settings. I would make it intimate, heartfelt, and completely understated. Kids? Yes. Foreign dignitaries? No. More than anything, I would make sure the vows are extraordinary and memorable.

Most of all (dare I say?) I would not have a strapless gown no matter how good I looked in it – just to protest the lack of options and being a super-powerful, mega-wealthy Hollywood star, you can do anything you want!

…..and what would you do?

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago

Bow Wow Weddings

After watching part 1 of Kim Kardashian’s Fairytale Wedding on E! last night, I can firmly tell you one thing: Kim and her new husband will have plenty to argue about. Whether it is her family’s business, minding their business, where to live or letting the dogs sleep on the bed – they (like most newlyweds) have their work cut out for them.

The dog issue is a big one. Big enough that not only did Kris Humphries want the dogs to sleep in bed with them he also wanted his beloved pets to be a part of the ceremony. But cooler heads prevailed and they were politely omitted from carrying the rings. I am not sure if I was more shocked that his fiance is wasn’t aware of how much he loved his dogs or the fact that a man of is physical stature had a Miniature Pinscher and Yorkshire Terrier. If I had to guess I would have said he was the Lab or  Retriever type. Lucky for Kim that he has smaller, more manageable dogs since I can’t see her handling a ‘Marley & Me” moment with mud splashing everywhere. I’ve been there and it’s not pretty, or easy to clean up.

I love dogs. I love my dogs more than is probably emotionally healthy and I allow them to sleep on my bed and share the pillow. Two of my dogs are small Japanese Chin and one is a big gorgeous lab mix. I love all three of them as much as anyone possibly could but, I didn’t see a need for them to be in my wedding. Personally I think they are happier at home barking out the window and deciding who is in charge. Here is a clue: the smallest is always in charge.

However, I see nothing wrong with people who want pets in their wedding. I have no problem with people dressing up their dogs in tuxedos and tulle – even though I don’t get it: are the dogs getting married? At the end of the day, I don’t have to get it … its not my wedding! You are entitled to invite or include anyone you want (canine, feline or human) , as long as you both agree.

 It is your wedding and if you decide you want your pet in your wedding, you can do so with great style and good taste. There are a few things you can do to reduce stress:

1) Make sure your pet does well around strangers. All you need is for your dog to bare his teeth to one guest and the party is over.

2) Hire someone to handle the dog before,  during and immediately after the ceremony since you will have other obligations and things to do. You cannot be chasing a pet around the church or picking up poo in your bridal gown.

3) Make sure the pet is groomed immediately before the event, including a good teeth cleaning. Dog breath can be pretty bad.

4) After the ceremony, make sure the pet is taken home right away. Although the ceremony may be okay, the reception is no place for any kind of animal UNLESS it is your home and your own backyard. They still might find themselves under foot so keep your eye on the cake table a backuand have a back up plan

5) Make sure you discuss the pet with all of your vendors, especially the photographer so they will know there may be extra work involved. If your pastor or officiant is allergic to dogs and you have a dog at the altar, this could be a bad thing.

Last but not least, consider your pet’s feelings. If this an animal that handles attention well, is obedient, doesn’t salivate or shed everywhere and can handle some extra responsibility, move ahead. If your pet is easily frightened, does not walk on a leash well, has too much energy, slobbers all over the place, sheds like crazy and has not had proper obedience training, you may want to leave them at home or with someone who can watch them for the entire day.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago