Weddings With Friends – TMI

Today I would like to ask a question of you: How much information is too much? You see, today I read an article about a couple who got married and posted every single detail of the wedding (from beginning to end) on every single social media outlet available. In fact, the article proudly stated that “Even Grandma was tweeting details from the reception”. WOW,  too much information. Without getting too graphic I am wondering when the tweeting and facebooking ended…. I think you know what I mean.

I understand staying connected and informed. I understand wanting to share the details with everyone out of sheer joy, boredom or whatever your motive. Be careful though, after a few drinks your updates may be embarassing the next day. Sitting in the doctor’s office the other day I found myself posting on facebook via my Android phone about how long I had to wait. Now that I think of it – who really cares?

I’m not talking about updating your friends and family when the whole thing is over or texting a dear friend who couldn’t be there. But, most of your nearest and dearest friends should be at your wedding, anyway… right?  I am talking about taking time away from the real celebration to constantly text, tweet, update and post. How much are you really enjoying yourself if you are spending the entire time using all of this technology? Did you even talk to the person seated next to you?

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m old school but, at some point everyone needs to unplug and enjoy what is right there in front of you. Trust me – you will have a lot more fun if you step away from the touchscreen.


-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago