Spring Bridal Events!

Brides, if you’re planning a wedding and you’re on the hunt for wedding professionals to help assist in making your dream day perfect, don’t miss our schedule of April Luxury Bridal Events.

Sunday, April 12th at the Marriott Chicago Northwest in Hoffman Estates


Sunday, April 19th at the Doubletree by Hilton Oakbrook

Welcome to the DoubleTree by Hilton Chicago- Oak Brook Hotel

Sunday, April 26th at Georgio’s Banquets in Orland Park


Not only will you have the opportunity to book appointments with our exhibitors, but you’ll also have the chance to see the top designers in bridal and bridesmaids on our gorgeous runway! Names like Ines Di Santo, Lazaro, Liancarlo, Mira Zwillinger, Inbal Dror, Edgardo Bonilla, Yaki Ravid, Johanna Johnson, Hayley Paige, Alvina Valenta, Matthew Christopher, Tara Keely, Sophia Tolli, David Tutera, James Clifford, and bridesmaids by Alvina Valenta, Jim Hjelm Occasions and Noir by Lazaro.


{photo above courtesy Just Love Me Photography + Design}

To order your four complimentary tickets to any of the events mentioned above, visit our website at: www.BridalExpoTickets.com and use the Promo Code, FB-Spring! We look forward to seeing you and to helping you assist in your wedding planning!

Jim Verraros for Bridal Expo Chicago + Milwaukee Luxury Events


An Evening of Bridal Luxury with Matthew Christopher


One of our most favorite venues to host our luxury bridal events is the majestic Drury Lane Theater, located in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. The incredible chandeliers, the history behind this venue and the incomparable service all lend themselves to a truly magical experience.
We were lucky to have designer Matthew Christopher with us for the evening, as we showcased his newest 2015 “Reflection of Inspiration” collection to over 1,200 attendees. This collection was filled with impeccably fitted gowns, beading and his signature laces that the industry has come to know and love from Matthew.


To shop Matthew Christopher’s collection, visit our Preferred Retailers:

Dimitra’s Bridal Couture in Chicago, Illinois: 312.787.0920


Volle’s Bridal Boutique in Lake Zurich, Illinois: 847.438.7603


Wolsfelt’s Bridal in Aurora, Illinois: 630.896.7166


A special thanks to Tamara Makeup + Hair Artistry, Just Love Me Photography + Design and Mirar Productions for helping to make our event a true success!

To see a sneak peek of our event with Matthew, click on the link below:



Jim Verraros for Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury

The Politics of Fashion

The election season is in full swing, both parties’ national conventions have come to a close and now it is time to look at what’s really important: Fashion! Okay, realistically –  it doesn’t matter what the candidate’s wives wear before, during or after the election but, it is easier for me to debate fashion than policy with most people since one is a matter of personal opinion and the other is a matter of personal opinion… wait… it’s the same thing?

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to take a break from wedding planning and peek into the closets of the candidate’s wives.

Janna Ryan – She  may not be a household name yet, but, don’t mess with her because this 43 yr old former lobbyist is in good enough shape to kick butt and take names. With about 0% body fat from where I sit, she can wear literally anything she wants but, she opts for slim straight, ultra conservative looks straight from the Talbbot’s catalog. Don’t hold your breath for any trendsetting, just solid clean lines and simple silhouettes. Really simple. So simple that it is almost impossible to find any kind of style.

Jill Biden – When the Vice President-elect’s wife, a life time educator, showed up in January 2009 at the Inaugural festivities wearing knee-high boots, I thought this was someone I could relate to…. she has a fun side. Although still very conservative, she showed up later that night in a stunning red strapless gown by one of our favorite designers, Reem Acra, looking both youthful and stunning. Still not one to go all out glam, she can wear anything she wants with her with slim figure and great arms for any age.

Ann Romney – Mrs. Romney’s style might be best described as quiet sophistication. With abundant wealth and  nice figure, the world is at your fingertips, which is why her Oscar de la Renta convention dress seemed an odd choice to me. It was slightly dated, reminiscent of a 1950’s housewife; a simple shirtwaist dress in bright red. In any color or shape, she exudes class and style and knows exactly what appeals to her audience.

Michelle Obama – The First Lady is all over the map when it comes to style, mixing expensive pieces with vintage pieces with Old Navy. You never know what she will wear but, for the most part she hits it out of the park. Never afraid to accessorize, her style is way less conservative than her counterparts and she will occasionaly surprise with a quirky, chic ensemble that could never be described as boring.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago

Slow Down!!

Planning a wedding can take a lot out of you. Add work, family, holidays, pets, family,  household chores, errands, financial stress, (did I mention family) and you have what could turn into a complete meltdown. I mentioned family more than once because family causes not only a great deal of happiness, and a lot of stress. It is easy to get caught up in constantly going from one project to another at such a fast pace that you sometimes forget what you are doing.

As a couple, you need to remember what is important that made you want to be married. Not the wedding, not the flowers, not the dress but, each other! Take one day in the middle of all of the fuss and stress and drama to just SLOW DOWN and enjoy life.

To fully enjoy a ‘slow down’ day here are some tips:

-Unplug your cell phone, put away your laptops, take a time out from technology. No facebook, no skype.

-Visit a local tourist attraction that you have always wanted to see but never had time.

– Do something outside your comfort zone. Ziplining, paintball, bowling, go for PBX electric skateboards, whatever it is that you don’t usually do, do it. Segway through the city?

– Turn the day into a movie marathon. Rent a bunch of movies you have been longing to see but, never have time. Popcorn, snacks, cuddle up on the sofa and enjoy!

– A day of relaxation and pampering for both of you. Get a massage facial, manicure and pedicure.

-Spend the day in the garden, if you have one. If you don’t – find an Arboretum near you and plan your future garden or just enjoy the beauty of nature.

There are dozens of things you can do to slow down. The important thing is to make a commitment to taking this day to yourself and don’t let anything interrupt you. The wedding planning and decision making can wait one day.

-Penny Frulla



Going White For Your Wedding?

Are you one of the many brides and grooms considering teeth whitening? Consider this: your smile is the first thing that people notice about you and the last thing you want to overlook on your big day!

Both bride and groom should schedule a dental checkup about six months before your wedding day, says the representative of Alaska Dental Associates. This allows time to handle any pesky problems and to see if teeth-whitening is something for you to consider. Remember, you will be photographed more on this day than in any other time in your life.

There are several types of teeth whitening, none of which are terribly expensive and can make a huge difference in your appearance and confidence level for the day.

Laser Whitening–  Done in the dentist’s office, allow 3 hours and approximately $400. It is not a painful proces and will leave you with Movie Star teeth after one visit.

Trays – The dentist makes a mold of your teeth which takes about a half hour and then you can do the whitening at home. Expect to spend roughly $20o for the tray and initial whitening solution. The bonus is you can keep getting refills of the solution and keep your teeth white forever!

Strips  – Many over-the-counter strips boast dentist office results. Yes, they do work and the price varies. With these strips, it may seem like you are saving money but, over the course of time you will spend nearly as much as if you had visited the dentist. The bonus is that it can be done at your convenience, some can even be done while you are sleeping.

It is extremely  important for  brides and grooms-to-be to do a little research, talk with your dental professional and come up with a solution that works for you.

Make sure to check our Wedding Directory links to find a smile professional in your area.
Reference: https://www.glosshairboutique.com.au/teeth-whitening-service/

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago

Ideas in Bloom – Wedding Flowers made easy

 Flowers are one of the most important aspects of a wedding. In fact, aside from the bride and groom they are just about the most photographed item of the entire event. They add color, vitality, and aroma to a wedding. To make the impact you desire, you need to make some smart choices early on but, before you even consider talking to a florist, book your venue so the florist knows what they are dealing with and help you make well-informed decisions.

#1 – Decide on a budget. It has been said over and over and over but, I’ll say it again: Choosing flowers that are in season during your wedding could save you literally hundreds of dollars.  When you plan your budget, keep this in mind.

#2- Do your background work. Ask to see photos, ask for references, ask if you can drop by one of their events so you can see firsthand what kind of work your florist is capable of handling.

#3- Trust your florist.  Once you have selected  your florist and  assuming you are not a trained florist  yourself,  use their expertise to help guide you through critical decisions. If you insist on something the florist opposes – there may be a solid reason.

#4- DIY is a big mistake. Many brides think they can go to a flower shop and put together professional bouquets and centerpieces from scratch. This is a big NO-NO! You will have a hundred things to think and worry about before and on your big day, don’t make this mistake. And by the way,  even if your favorite Aunt insists she does great table decor for the holidays doesn’t mean she can handle a task of this magnitude. Hire a professionally trained wedding florist!

#5 – Think Big. Huge blasts of color are a beautiful thing – just make sure it doesn’t clash with the decor of the venue or the table linens or the attendants’ gowns. Remember to keep the larger picture in mind : “How will the overall room look  in pictures?”

#6 – Don’t overdo it with the aroma. Its okay to use the strong smelling flowers for bouquets but, for the church and reception  it is best to use flowers that do not give off a strong smell. This will certainly prevent any of guests who are allergy sufferers to opt out of the reception early. The only exception is an outdoor venue.

#7 -Communicate. Always keep an open dialogue with your florist. Every single problem or question should be answered up front. Get everything in writing and make sure you know what you are paying for before you sign on the dotted line.

Call 847-428-3320 or log on to www.bridalshowexpo.comtoday to get tickets to our next show where you can meet some of Chicago’s best wedding florists and see their work first-hand!

– Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago