Wedding Movies – What’s your Favorite?

I love movies, comedy, drama, suspense, action – all kinds of movies, even CGI cartoons! The reason I love movies is because they take me to a place that doesn’t exist, except in someone’s imagination, whether it is romance, laughter or thrills. It doesn’t have to be technically possible or factually correct (unless it is a documentary) and as a result, I get lost in someone else’s dream and I love it!

In no particular order, I have compiled a list of my favorite wedding or wedding-related movies.

The Other Sister. Love comes in all forms. This super sweet romance is also packed with a touch of laugh out loud comedy and drama. Unfortunately, you kind of hate the mom at the end of the movie.

In & Out. Comedy, comedy, comedy. There are no less than ten parts of this movie where I actually laugh out loud every time. The  Barbra Streisand references are some of the best lines in the movie and Kevin Kline really sells himself in the dance scene halfway through the movie.

Wedding Crashers. The only thing I love more than a super-elegant, East Coast, society wedding is some really raunchy and inappropriate humor. This movie has both…. and a touch of Will Ferrell.

Monster-In-Law. I can relate to this mother’s plight, “There is no one good enough for my son”. But, the levels she goes to embarrass and provoke this poor unsuspecting bride are above and beyond even Norman Bates’ mother.  Ridiculous? Yes! Loved it? Absolutely!

Mamma Mia! Bad singing, some outrageous outfits, unbelievable scenery and ABBA. I forgive you, Pierce Brosnan. This movie was cute, funny, and has a happy ending,  AWWWWW.

My Best Friend’s Wedding. Although the story line bugged me a little (a woman chasing after a man the day before his wedding), the entire movie was saved by Rupert Everett. Rehearsal Dinner scene still one of my all time favorites in any movie, wedding or not.

  What are your favorite wedding movies ?

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago



Ready to Renew Your Vows?

Whether you have been married 10 or 50 years, couples are deciding that renewing their vows is something that not only re-energizes their relationship but, also provides an opportunity to have a second wedding… this time hold the stress!

The best reasons to renew your vows, in no particular order:

1- You can have the wedding you want. Maybe your parents planned everything, maybe you eloped, either way this time it is all about you as a couple and what you want. Make it as low-key or grand as you like.

2-You have recently gone through a life-changing experience. Especially when one partner or another has survived a serious illness or a life threatening experience, renewing your vows is a way to express your thanks to one another for keeping the vows in the first place.

3- A Milestone! 25th anniversary is a big deal. 50th anniversary is a huge deal. Allowing your family and friends to share in your celebration is a gift in itself.

4- You wish to recite the vows in a house of worship. Whether your faith has changed or you eloped the first time, reciting your vows in a religious environment would be a terrific way to renew your vows!
If you decide to renew your vows, remember that it doesn’t have to be anything other than a stress-free celebration of your commitment and love for one another.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago


Wedding Tattoos – Tired or Tasteful?

Like it or not, tattoos are on the rise!  Once reserved for the few who dared, tattoos have become the latest must have for everyone from proud parents to teachers.  Although this is hardly  surprising news, it is surprising that  there are so many people opting to display their tattoos proudly where they were once frowned upon.

Couples Tattoos – Having a tattoo of one another’s name is hardly enough. Couples are having wedding bands, portraits, or half of a verse tattooed, with the other half of the verse  tattooed on the other person. They are being labeled adorable by some, reckless by others. Of course they can always be modified…. just ask Angelina Jolie.

White Ink Tattoos – For those who prefer a more subtle approach you can select a white ink tattoo. Rather than pure white, the tattoo shows up translucent so on lighter skin it is not as visible but on darker skin is quite striking. You can thank Lindsay Lohan for starting this trend!



It takes a minimum of two weeks for a tattoo to heal completely and some sources suggest a month as an appropriate healing period. If you plan to have a  tattoo before your wedding, make sure you do it well in advance of the wedding.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago

What’s In Your Purse?

Carrying a purse or clutch on your wedding day may seem like an inconvenience but, many brides will regret  not carrying one for two simple reasons : Breath mints and touch-ups. You don’t need to carry a backpack or a large shoulder sling but, a small handbag is a must, allowing you to carry the most *essential items- the things that you will truly miss if they are not readily available.  *Not to be confused with an emergency kit which includes band-aids, static guard, hosiery, aspirin, etc.

What to carry in your wedding purse:

Mints – Not gum. Something to freshen your breath before the receiving line and after dinner. Your guests will thank you.

Lips – Lipstick, liner or gloss to perk up your pucker after so much cheek kissing. Not all lipsticks or gloss will last all night, and after dinner you will still need to look good for pictures.

Mascara – A must for your  eyes after shedding a few tears during the ceremony. Adding a few strokes of mascara will do wonders to brighten your appearance.

Visine – Another must-have for a very emotional event, or if you have allergies. 

Compact – With a mirror and a little pressed powder to a) see your face if you can’t run to the bathroom for touch-ups and b) blot your face so you won’t be shiny in photos.

Tissue – Kleenex or handkerchief, you will need something to dab your eyes at some point….or ( God forbid) blow your nose.

Body Mist – Nothing too overpowering, just something to add a nice scent when you hug or dance. The only people who should smell this are the ones you are embracing.

Who should carry your purse has been a subject of debate for a long time. Whether it is your  mother or maid of honor, you need to put someone in charge of making sure ‘no purse gets left behind’, especially since most brides don’t carry a purse during the ceremony, receiving line, pictures, or dancing. Place it next to your plate and forget about it… until you need it. Rest assured, no matter what your needs are, there is a purse out there that is just right for you.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago