Honeymoon – Now or Later?

According to industry statistics, an estimated 38% of couples honeymoon immediately after the wedding, about 27% honeymoon within 3 months and the remaining 35% opt for no honeymoon at all. No honeymoon? Hard to believe but,  destination weddings add up to a whopping 19%, which leaves a small percentage of couples who are either unable or unwilling to get away.

Now – The best reason to get away immediately after the wedding is to decompress and relax. Stress has been building since the engagement and with all of the preparations and details under your belt, disappearing with your new bride or groom is about the best thing you can do if it is at all possible. The Thank You cards can wait until you get back. Or better yet … take them with you and send them with an exotic postmark.

Later – There are many reasons that couples may choose to delay their honeymoon; unable to get time off from their job or other commitment, illness in the family, or perhaps weather concerns. Be careful, waiting more than three months after the wedding causes most couples to focus on other matters that need their financial attention, like using their honeymoon fund for a new car or  a down-payment on a house.

Destination – The upside of a destination wedding is the built-in honeymoon. It is a much smaller, more intimate gathering and you will only be able to invite your closest friends and family. The down side is that only about 50% of your invitees will be able to make it.

Whether you honeymoon now, or later or choose no honeymoon at all,  a really great idea is to spend your first night as a married couple in a luxurious hotel, making sure they know you are newlyweds so you can bask in the glory of the honeymoon suite!

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago