Whats New in Wedding Photography

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then your wedding photos could easily go into the millions. Let your individual style shine by making the right choice in selecting a wedding photographer

Gone are the days when the bride and groom’s only choice was to  pose for a carefully crafted ‘Offical Wedding Photo’. Photographers have evolved into master storytellers through candid shots, off-site photos and staged portraits. Below are just some of the options  to consider when booking  your wedding photographer.

Photojournalism is a style of photography that captures the events of the day ina truly candid style.  Very few, if any, of the shots are posed. This is by far the most popular style of photography according to market trends. There are some drawbacks involved – especially if your photographer is inexperienced in this field. Make sure  the photographer has ample references and photos for you to check before you even consider wedding Photojournalism. In addition, without some of the posed shots you may wind up with a wedding album where  quite a few people are missing.

Traditional Wedding photography is exactly what it sounds like. All of the shots are posed, there is very little creativity involved with various settings and events. There is usually a ‘shot list’ and every detail must be mapped out in advance; lighting, background, placement of flowers, etc.You will have an album that your parents will love: filled with photos of your entire bridal party, family and guests but, you might not have that one beautiful photo that is found so often in a candid moment.

Artistic Photography (also illustrative Photography) is a great mesh of the two other styles. Some candid shots, some posed. Many of the shots are ‘staged’ in various places to look candid – but, are in fact posed. The Artistic Photographer will not be cheap since you are paying for an artistic vision which requires more time and work than snapping photos.

The most important thing to do when booking your  wedding photographer is to make sure the photographer you hire is the one who will be at your event. Do not accept a substitute unless you have seen examples of his/her work. Always remember to get everything in writing!

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-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago