Cake Toppers – Creative Trends

Like a gorgeous ribbon tied beautifully around a package, the cake topper is the finishing touch that makes the entire package come together.  Let’s face it, even the most beautiful cake needs a little something on top to complete the look. Wedding cake toppers are traditionally a representation of a bride and groom in formal wedding attire sitting atop the cake.  This custom was dominant in US weddings in the 1950s where it represented the concept of togetherness. It is important to note that cake toppers have advanced a long way since your parents or grandparent’s wedding. Seldom do couples even look for the standard  cake toppers where the only decision is to try to find one of the little plastic couples  that resemble you in hair or skin color. Couples today can use the cake topper to signify the silly, irreverent or romantic spirit of their relationship. Don’t be too worried if your fiance is not jazzed about cake toppers just yet. Wait until he sees the options (now) available, then you can sit back and enjoy as he delves into the wonderful world of wedding details…. and this one can be downright fun! What’s hot in cake toppers for 2012?

Romantic – Choices to express romance include Lladro figurines, doves, or hearts  made of various materials. It isn’t about cost since there are options made for every budget. Although a beautiful Lladro could set you back  hundreds of dollars,  a simple  plastic sculpture of intertwined hearts can cost less than lunch.

Fun- Bobble head likenesses, a cute Lego or cartoon couple, a whimsical wire sculpture. Maybe a  couple doing something you both enjoy like surfing or fishing. Perhaps you want to focus on your profession;  firefighters, police and military cake toppers are very popular and easy to find.

Monograms – Monograms are HOT! You can do the traditional monogram with your first initials on either side and your shared last initial in the middle, you can do just the last initial or  just your first two initials intertwined. Rhine-stoned cake toppers gained so much popularity last year that some companies have begun offering them with colored stones so you can match your wedding colors! WOW!

Same Sex – With a handful of states passing legislation that same sex marriages are legal (and hopefully more to follow), it is now easier than ever to find a variety of cake toppers depicting same sex couples. Bravo.

Ethnic – Cake toppers are also widely available in a variety of traditional ethnic wedding attire so you can mix your Asian, African, Hispanic or Middle Eastern heritage with a traditional American wedding cake.

Today’s couples have limitless styles to choose from since so many companies offer custom cake toppers. My only advice to to future brides and grooms is to get something  you love, something you can afford and something you will want to keep forever, it is a wonderful keepsake  and would look great on top of your future anniversary cake.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago


Cake Toppers – The Latest & Greatest Trends

I got all worked up yesterday looking at pictures of awful wedding cakes. In addition to the awful cakes, I ran across some very disturbing cake toppers. By the end of the day I realized the little plastic bride and groom were not the only options available anymore and thought it would  be fun to delve into this a little further because really, once I get on a subject,  it’s hard for me to re-focus until it has run it’s course.  What I found really lifted my spirits. In addition to all other forms of wedding decor, the wedding cake topper has become one of the most interesting ways a  couple can express their creativity at their wedding.

Cake toppers are traditionally a miniature model of a bride and groom sitting on top of a wedding cake. This trend began around the 1920’s and has been a staple ever since. Cake toppers could arguably be called one of the main attractions at weddings since,  after a bride´s dress, the wedding cake often takes center stage. How do you choose the right one for you?

Two weeks ago we were awed by William & Kate’s massive 500+ lb cake at the Royal Wedding. Although I can’t seem to find one piece of information about the actual cake topper, it appears to be a simple wreath of sorts, made of smaller flowers, the same kind as in the bridal bouquet. After doing a little more research it seems it is not a truly unique as I thought. It appears that members of the royal family always have a flower themed cake topper. Of course, Princess Diana had a much larger one, almost an entire floral arrangement  but, that was the 80’s when bigger was better. …and it was a state affair, after all.

In Modern American Wedding culture it is perfectly acceptable for the bride and groom to accent the top of their cake in any form they feel suits their personality as a couple. But, so we really need cake toppers depciting arguments, resistance or intimate moments? Although it’s not my cup of tea,  more power to you for wanting everyone to have a  good laugh at your expense (they will).

The latest trend in cake toppers is monogramed spikes. They are called spikes because they have large prongs that dig deep into the cake so they don’t fall over due to the weight, like big birthday candles sometimes do. Not to worry, you can get very creative with these as well. If monograms aren’t your choice, there are also some beautifully shaped hearts, snowflakes or crowns. Not sure I understand the crown thing but  its your day, right?

There are also some very modern takes on the traditional bride and groom cake topper. For example,  the bride and groom Mii. If you aren’t familiar with video games, a Mii is an avatar of the Wii game systems that you style to have your appearance. Very clever and whimsical.  Another great cake topper for a fun-loving couple would be one constructed of Legos. In reality there are hundreds of styles to choose from. Bride and Groom sports fans, skeleton bride and groom, Star Wars, Zombies, Surfers, bobble-head, you name it. Decide if the top of your cake is the place you want to be this creative and go with it.

Of course you can never go wrong with the traditional bride and groom whether it’s Lladro, ceramic or even plastic. They are avaible in a variety of hair, gown and facial choices.

My only advice would be to get something you can save and cherish and will serve as a happy  reminder of the day. I would also add that you should consult with your baker to make sure it is something they are comfortable working with and will be easily integrated into the design.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago