Sunday Weddings

Labor Day and Memorial Day are two very popular dates for weddings because of the 3 day weekend. The most popular day of the 3 day weekend is Sunday and everyone knows that booking a Sunday wedding saves plenty of  money.

Need a few more reasons?

The three day weekend also gives your guests an additional day to recover from the festivites (Monday) or travel before returning to work on Tuesday. Most people don’t have to taky any time off!

Sometimes airfare and hotels can be a bit more expensive when traveling on a holiday weekend but, if you book the travel together (encourage everyone to use the same travel agent) there may be some discount.

Out of town guests may want to use the 3 day weekend to have a mini vacation to rest, relax and sight-see. A happy guest is…. a happy guest!

The weather is usually warm and pleasant in both May and September, many times avoiding heatwaves and torrential downpours (depending upon your geographical location).

One last bonus: you can use an Americana theme without being corny. Labor day is the day that is designated to celebrate the workers, the people who built this country with their blood, sweat and tears. The  men and women who toiled in unsafe conditions decades before Norma Rae put down her work and held up that now famous sign. Celebrating America’s workers, and America herself is a great way to begin your life together.

Weigh the options, take all things into consideration and see if  a Labor Day Wedding is right for you!


-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago





July 4th Weddings – Something Red, White and Blue!

Independence Day is approaching and this year there is a rare opportunity for an additional 3 day weekend on our calendars. Memorial Day and Labor Day are always on a Monday but, July 4th (when it falls on a Monday) is an added bonus.  What that means for brides and grooms is that those who decided to combine their wedding with the glorious celebration of our nation’s independence are able to have a Sunday event, possibly save some money and more importantly  incorporate a major American Historic Celebration  into their event.

Experts have been telling us for years that having a Friday or Sunday event means saving money on most of the wedding costs but, with that Sunday being on a holiday weekend, you may have to negotiate the savings a little. Holiday weekends book fast so plan in advance! 

If you are interested in incorporating this momentous occasion in American History into your wedding, there are several ways to do it without being super tacky and having your wedding look like an Americana craft fair.


– Add some sparkle to the correspondences. Bursts of color on the save the date cards will remind your guests of the dual importance of the celebratory date.

-Navy blue bridesmaids gowns  are classic and you can get the desired effect instantly without going overboard. Add some simple red or white bouquets and you have the sizzle!

– Consider serving traditional American cuisine. Your guests will not be disappointed when they are presented with the perfect steak and potato.  A beautifully presented tray of garnishes  will make  guests think they have stepped up to a gourmet baked potato bar.

-Table decor is the perfect place to incorporate some sparkle and color. All white table linens will never look more crisp than when they are accented with a touch of navy or red.

– Add  Martha Stewart’s perfect parfait and some patriotic colored candy treats to the sweet table for a tasty trip down memory lane.

BONUS: With the July 4th celebration comes fireworks – usually lots of fireworks. Find a location that has access to a  fireworks display and your guests will be treated to their own personal light show.


-Give sparklers to guests. Fire + Party = trip to the emergency room.

– Think your bridal gown has to have any color at all. The red sash and accents have been done to death.  Even worse, draping yourself in a modified flag will make you look like you are the Grand Marshall of the local parade.

-Insist on centerpieces in red, white and blue. I have yet to see any centerpiece with this color combination that does not look cheap. Blue carnations are suspect, at best. I don’t even want to talk about carnations.

– Get too carried away with the theme. Accents are great but, walking into a room that looks like it was decorated by Betsy Ross (on crack) is called ‘sensory overload”.

My husband and I celebrate one of our wedding anniversaries on this special holiday so it is a very sentimental occasion for me. To all couples getting married this July 4th weekend I wish you a heartfelt congratulation and a lifetime of happiness.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago