Feeling Saucy? Try Neon

Although some of the most popular colors for bridesmaid gowns this year are subtle shades, there is a rising trend in neon. Neon? I know what you’re thinking – this is not your mother’s neon from 1985. Brides who want a pop of color are using it to make a bold statement but, be careful… neon can be a bit much if taken too far.

True neon  or fluorescent color, regardless of the shade, it will illuminate under blacklight – thats good to keep in mind for later. In modern times, neon color is usually any truly vibrant, vivid, perfect, shade of orange, green, yellow or blue. By nature, red cannot be considered a neon color – I don’t know why. If you are in doubt, neon colors are those found in a pack of highlighters. If your color is missing from there, it is most likely not neon.

The best ways to use really bright or neon color is to alternate those colors with neutral or monotone colors to avoid overkill.

Brightly colored dresses with simple accessories

Adding touches of color throughout the wedding is perfect for a summer wedding, especially if it is outdoors!

Last but, cetainly not least – remember the blacklight? You can use lighting to acheive “Neon Nirvana”.

The best way to use neon color is to think of it as an acceessory; don’t overdo it. Always  avoid metallic neon  – it tends to look too much like a circus. And remember – the best things in life are enjoyed in moderation and (especially with neon,) less is more!

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago