Walking Down The Aisle… IN STYLE

Lets face it- Aisle runners have needed a makeover for a long time. For so long they were just white and boring and often times not substantial enough to keep your heel from poking through the material. Today’s aisle runners can still be simple or all out fabulous! For me, the aisle runner was the most interesting thing about the Kardashian Fairytale (Pre-Divorce) Extravaganza. Did you see it? It was embellished with borders, logos, monograms and crystals and it was phenomenal.






 If you decide to go the classic route with a simple white aisle runner, make sure it is of quality material and will hold up to several sets of high-heeled feet walking up and back. Make sure it isn’t slippery or lumpy. It should be taught, smooth and non-skid. Of course, sprinkling rose petals along the edges is a nice touch. The aisle runner can also be embellished with  the right lighting.







You can always choose and aisle runner in one of the wedding colors. Make sure the color doesn’t clash with the colors in the venue. And I’m not entirely certain that black is ever a good choice, even for an outdoor wedding.







Aisle runners vary greatly in price. Of coures the price depends upon the length of the runner, the fabric, the added materials, logos, monograms or pictures. But make no mistake, custom aisle runners are the hottest new trend in weddings…. and they are fabulous!





– Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago