Where Should You Have Your Wedding?

You have lived in Chicago your whole life. You were raised on ‘the perfect’ hot dog, da Bulls, deep dish pizza and winters that normally last through a normal spring. You moved to Phoenix for business 5 years ago, met the man of your dreams and never looked back… or did you? When it comes time to tie the knot many brides and grooms decide to have a “Hometown Destination” wedding and there are many reasons why. Additionally, there is nothing that says the groom’s hometown is off limits any more, either.

Traditionally, couples got married in the bride’s hometown, her parents paid for the whole thing, the couple honeymooned and then went back to their lives as usual… wherever they lived. Well, it is 2012 not 1950, many couples plan and pay for their entire wedding and a large majority already live together before tying the knot. What does that mean? It means there are no rules that say where you MUST have your wedding.

Having your wedding in your hometown can be a lot of fun, spending the weekend re-visiting some of your favorite places, seeing family and friends you haven’t had a chance to connect with in years. It can also be very stressful with all that family around so, having a ‘hometown’ wedding is a very important decision.

Points to consider before making the decision:

Is there a lot of family that couldn’t travel in either direction?

Is it considerably less expensive to host the wedding in a hometown location?

Are there people who won’t attend if it is not local?

Is there a historic or special place you always dreamed of getting married near where you grew up?

Is it feasible for you to plan a wedding in another city/state without being there constantly to monitor things?

Are there local vendors that you trust to handle things without constant supervision?

Answering  any one of those questions honestly could be the deciding factor. The important thing is that you both agree that the place where your wedding is hosted is special and meaningful to both of you. If either of you has doubts, do some more research. As with any part of the wedding planning, you should always come to a middle ground where both parties are in 100% agreement to avoid arguing or blame later if something doesn’t go as planned.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago