Wedding Nightmares – What Do They Mean?

Having nightmares that things go wrong at your wedding is fairly common, having re-curring nightmares of the same horrific scenario unfolding is less common but, still no reason to be alarmed. Women are more likely to have nightmares than men, so keep that in mind. Some psychologists feel that nightmares are your unconscious mind playing out your secret fears and desires. Only during sleep, when the conscious mind is silent, do these repressed emotions come to the surface and manifest themselves as nightmares and dreams.

The top three wedding nightmares:

1) Being unprepared. Nightmares of this kind can range from moderate to severe: showing up at a random place without a gown or cake or flowers (there are no guests because there were no invitations) feeling lost because they can’t imagine this is supposed to be their wedding. Usually this means you feel like you have lost control of things. Find your voice and make sure your to-do list is appropriately checked off day by day.

#2) Not being able to find the groom. He is there, you can see him from across the room but you can’t get to him. When you get to the altar he is not there but, someone is there in his place. Perhaps the wedding plans have taken over, you are not yourself and you have lost touch with the whole reason you are getting married; to spend the rest of your life with the person you love.

#3) It’s not you. You don’t look like yourself for any number of reasons; you have gained or lost an enormous amount of weight, you have a unibrow, your hair is unrecognizeable ( not in a good way). In the dream you are confronted with the fact that on short notice there is nothing you can do to alter your appearance to look like yourself. This stems from the tremendous amount of pressure to look good , knowing that you wil be photographed more on this day than probably any other. Don’t put anything off, make all of your hair, waxing, and manicure appointments early and be punctual. Also don’t skimp on hair and makeup for your wedding day.

Dr. Sigmund Freud was the foremost aouthority of his time decoding the meaning of dreams, however, even Dr Frued realized that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. In today’s stress-filled world most psychologists and doctors agree that nightmares generally stem from fear, anxiety and sleep deprivation. Instead of being plagued by doubts, use these nightmares as an opportunity to tie up loose ends, confront your fears and stop them dead in their tracks.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago