Wedding Day disasters – being prepared will save the day

You have planned your wedding and reception down to every detail; the flowers, the centerpieces, the guest book. Everyone is prepared …are you?
There are very few times that even a mild disaster will strike you on your wedding day since, like lightning, it is not a common occurrence. In reality a disaster on your wedding day may not be a disaster any other day of your life. It is only because you have orchestrated every detail to perfection that one minor hiccup seems to throw you off kilter.

Just like the Boys Scout credo says, you must always be prepared, this goes for the groom as well. If he was a boy scout at one time – he will already know this!

Four things you need to do to be prepared in case of a minor mishap on your wedding day:

1) Have all of the emergency contact numbers for all of your vendors stored on both of your cell phones … just in case. If something does go wrong, call them immediately. If you cannot reach them, institute a backup plan.

2) Bring a small sewing kit. In this kit should be the following: two sewing needles, white thread, black thread, thread the color of your bridesmaids gowns, medium sized safety pins, small piece of white or clear bar soap, scissors, hooks and a seam ripper. I was once at a wedding where the zipper on the wedding gown  was stuck halfway down before the bride could even put it on. Crisis? No. We used a small piece of hand soap to coat the zipper and it opened easily after a short time. And believe me – the safety pins can save your entire night if  the  bustle comes un-sewn.

3) Bring an emergency kit that includes the following: a few feminine hygiene products, benadryl, stain remover, double sided tape, static guard, more safety pins, super glue, hair pins, band aids, neosporin, visine,  hair spray or styling gel, hair clips, small razor, dental floss and breath mints. Benadryl? Perhaps one of the attendants has an allergic reaction to her bouquet, or a guest gets a mosquito bite at an outdoor wedding. Trust me, it has happened before and will happen again. It makes sense to put the  maid of honor in charge of this most of the items are small enough that you won’t have to carry a large suitcase, just a small bag that can be left at the head table. You will be pleased to know that there are emergency wedding kits available for sale. I have seen them in person at Bridal Expo so I know they are out there.

4) Just say NO. Make sure that someone is in charge of knowing when guests have had enough to drink. If you have an open bar, be aware that some people don’t know their limit. Best Man, bride’s father, anyone can do this but it is better to have someone delegated specifically for this task.

5) The morning of your wedding is not the day to starve yourself. Eat a good breakfast with lots of protein, avoid energy drinks and drink lots of water. Same for everyone is the bridal party. This will prevent fatigue, dizziness, possible fainting and reduce stress. No one needs to pass out at the altar.

For those of us who foresee mini-diasters everywhere we go and are often labeled neurotic, don’t sweat it. One day your neuroses will pay off and you can hold your head high knowing that your planning helped save the day.

Here’s hoping your wedding day is disaster-free!

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago