Proud as a Peacock-themed wedding

For the past several months I have been wondering what is up with the  ‘peacock thing’. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, let me enlighten you; peacock themed weddings are the hottest trend in color schemes right now. From invitations to shoes decorated with actual feathers, the peacock  topic is hotter than Vegas in July!

The peacock  is known for its beautiful feathered tail,  which includes shades of iridescent blue and green but also sprinkled with rich red and gold.  But did you know that the peacock also has very spiritual and cultural significance in all parts of the world? Whether it is ancient Greco-Roman mythology, Buddhist spirituality or modern Christianity, there is no doubt that the Peacock and Peacock feathers (by default) symbolize refinement, royalty,  integrity and the beauty you  can achieve when you choose to show your ‘true colors’.  A bonus is that domestic peacocks are monogamous and also assist in raising and nesting their young ones. Sound familiar? In case you were not aware, the peacock is the male bird only, the female is called a peahen. Animal activists can rest assured that peacocks do not have to give their lives in order to fill a feather order, the feathers are harvested by simply picking them up off the ground after the bird has finished molting.

I have no real idea where or when this trend began but, I have my own theory. Remember Carrie Bradshaw’s headpiece from the  first Sex in The City movie? It was a very feathery concoction with a blue bird on it. Was it a real bird? Was it a plastic bird? Was it dead, stuffed bird or merely movie magic? So many questions…. so few answers.  One thing we do know is that headpiece must have struck a chord with brides around the globe because since then the whole peacock thing has taken flight (pun intended). As unlikely as it may sound that this was the genesis of a peacock awakening, it is equally unlikely that  women across the world simultaneously decided en masse that peacock themed weddings were in vogue. We may never know.  

Just like other themed weddings and parties, the approach is simple; decide which elements you want to use to incorporate the peacock and have at it. A theme should run through уουr entire day frοm уουr invitations tο thе flowers thаt уου сhοοѕе tο thе favors thаt уουr guests take home. In order to achieve this you will need to stay very focused and keep a bridal planner at all times to avoid two major pitfalls:

 Use the any theme too sparingly and no one will know whats going on. A good example would be using peacock feathers on the table centerpieces and no where else in the room.  Whats the point?

 You need to stop short of having  bridesmaid’s  nails airbrushed to resemble peacock feathers. However, the invitations, a cake with peacock feather designs, bridal party gowns in iridescent peacock colors, a feathered boutonniere, carrying a peacock-accented bouquet and incorporating all of the rich colors into the decor of the room will add layers of the  theme throughout the night without overwhelming the guests at every turn.

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-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago