Smart Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Couture Dresses Are Becoming More Affordable

Couture Dresses Are Becoming More Affordable

Brides and Grooms always are looking to get the most for their wedding budget, but there are some basic facts they need to understand when dealing with contract negotiations. First and foremost there is a big difference between understanding costs vs. value. If the bride and groom are shopping on price alone, but fail to educate themselves on the total value of what each vendor brings, then they might be very disappointed on their wedding day. Some things are worth paying a little more for. (i.e. you got a really low price on your limo, but they showed up ½ hour late setting your entire time table for your entire wedding day back!)

Planning a wedding is like cramming for a college degree in 12 months, but if you remember a few essentials it will be a breeze. With that said, here is Bridal Expo Chicago’s top ways to save on your total wedding expense. One: consider having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday. Right off the bat you can expect to save 15-20% off of the cost of your reception, usually about 45% of your total budget.

In addition, many vendors will offer a “Friday/Sunday” discount because the best of the best get booked up first on a Saturday night.

Two: Don’t wait until the last minute to book your vendors, book early and save. It’s kind of like the airlines, the closer you wait the more expensive it is because there are so few seats left.

Three: Reduce your guest list by 15-30 people. The average wedding reception today is about 135-150 people. You don’t need to invite the entire office and you don’t need to invite every single person you have ever meet in your life. This is a special occasion meant for the most special people in your life who you actually talk to on a regular basis. Don’t feel you have to invite a cousin you haven’t seen since you were 6 years old…save that invitation for a family reunion! By cutting the reception costs, you will lots of money left over for all the special touches and lots of upgrades.

And finally, you must be realistic about your budget. There is nothing wrong with having a small wedding and a small budget. Just don’t expect to get a deal at The Four Seasons or feel that wedding businesses don’t deserve to make money just because you are on a really tight budget. Plan smart and act fair.

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