How To Have A Great Wedding – According to Children

A hot debate is almost guaranteed when the topic is children and weddings. Should you invite them? Should you have them in the wedding? The arguments are endless!  What no one ever considers is what the children actually think a wedding is all about. For a few laughs, I have compiled a short list of children’s quotes on weddings and marriage, including my own 10 and 12 year old’s views on the whole affair, along with some of their friend’s responses.

When should you get married?  “No person really decides before they grow up who they’re going to marry. God decides it all way before and you get to find out later who you are stuck with.” (Kirsten, age 10) Now, that’s a revelation!

What does a groom do on his wedding day? “Take a shower and put on a nice suit so I can be the best man.” (Evan, age 11) I guess the groom is the best man, after all!

What does the bride do on her wedding day? “Kiss the groom, eat cake and then put your dress on.” (Olivia, age 8 ) In that order?

What is a wedding? “Weddings are mostly when the bride walks up to the husband, they have a piano player and they say stuff about if you want to get married or not. If you say “I do” and the bride says “I do” then you are married and it’s all over.” (Frankie, age 10) Sometimes thats exactly right.

How do you plan a wedding? “You pick a best man and a flower girl and go to church.” (Jacob, age 12) Interesting… no bride?

What is the best part about having a wedding? “Everybody smells good and there is enough cake for everyone.” (Alan, age 7)  Cake is definitely a bonus.

How do you decide who you will invite to your wedding? “The groom, my kids and both of our teachers.” (Pam, age 9) Don’t forget your classmates!

Follow the advice of these kids and you are guaranteed to have a great wedding!

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago



Children In Your Wedding

People have children. Your siblings, your friends, some of them may have children, you may even have your own child. Some people have children before they are married and some people marrying for the second time have several children… remember the Brady Bunch? Including children in your wedding ceremony can make a lovely experience for everyone if handled properly.

Give the children age appropriate tasks. 2 yr olds can be very unpredictable and asking them to do more than carry a basket of flowers or a ring pillow may be beyond their grasp.

Hire someone to help. Check with local elementary or pre-schools to see if any of the teaching aides would be interested in doing some ‘Nanny” duty. The parents may want to actually enjoy themselves and not spend all day worrying if the kids are going to do the right thing. Remember – teachers have been trained how to handle precarious situations and you will need the extra help at  the rehearsal as well as the wedding.

Practice, Practice, Practice. Older children like tweens and teenagers might be able to recite a poem or do a reading. Make sure they attend the rehearsal dinner so you can do a sound check. even the little ones need to practice how to handle their tasks… no matter how simple it seems to you.

Back up Plan. Kids of school age are notorious for bringing home every germ in the world. Be prepared that one of  the kids may come down with pink eye, an ear infection, strep throat or even just a bad case of nerves. These things can throw your plans severely out of whack if you are unprepared.

Remember, they are not small people, they are children. Things that seem simple to you are much harder for them. On top of it, they do not understand the complexity of each and every detail. Sure, they want to be a part of this beautiful thing but can be frightened, nervous and when that happens, mistakes are made. If you are not ready to have a child forget his or her line, drop the basket, spill something (or whatever) then, you probably shouldn’t have children in your wedding.  If you can go with the flow and overlook the tiny obstacles that may lie ahead, you will create a memory that they will share with you for a  lifetime…. not to mention the irresistible photos!

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago