Having Your Cake And Eating It, Too!

How many times have you been to an event where the cake is breathtaking, only to take a bite and realize that looks aren’t everything? Usually the culprit is the frosting which can be  hard or ( even worse) inedible. In recent years, and thanks in large part to consumer demands, cake frosting has become much tastier and to me, the frosting and the way it is used to decorate the cake is the best part!!  Your cake should taste as good as it looks and you should settle for  nothing less than delight when you take the first bite as husband and wife.

Buttercream is the most widely known frosting and is most often used on wedding cakes. It is made of powdered sugar, cream and butter, can be refrigerated without losing it’s taste and can be piped onto a cake in almost any shape or form.

 Whipped Cream frosting is made from whipping cream that is beaten until it is stiff, adding flavors or colors during the whipping process. It is best suited for lighter cakes (angel food) and must be consumed within about 48 hours.  

Ganache is a blend of melted chocolate and heavy cream. It changes consistnecy as it cools so, if you want a shiny coating – use it while it is hot.

Fondant is usually made from sugar, glucose, glycerin and gelatin. Fondant is most often used on wedding cakes, as it will keep the cake moist while it is being decorated. If not made properly, Fondant can look and taste like plastic.

Royal Icing is a blend of powdered sugar and egg whites. It is most often used for the detail in cake decorating since it is easy t o work with and hardens as it dries. If too much frosting is used, it will be hard to eat!

The best thing you can do is schedule a tasting with the bakery you have chosen, at the tasting you will select your frosting, cake and filling flavors. Don’t be afraid to ask questions before you make any decisions and don’t go on looks alone! Ask for referrals and make sure you know exactly how your cake will taste and look before the wedding…. and if you want to go with a cake that has no frosting, the cake had better be really good!!!

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago