And The Winner Is….. 2012 Oscars Update

Last night was my Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, Winston Cup and Wimbledon all rolled into one. I have been watching the Academy Awards since I was a little girl and there is nothing on television I would rather see …. nothing. I am never disappointed even if the jokes are awful, even if the gowns are drab, even if there are protesters, streakers and a terrible host. The ultimate goal for me is to see clips of my favorite movies, watch as they poke (carefully scripted) fun at each other and see how the female star’s gowns stack up.

The 2012 Academy Awards was one of the best in recent years. Was it Billy Crystal? Maybe. Was it Angelina’s leg? Perhaps. Was it the fact that every single nominee went all- out this year? Definitely.  The fashions were hot this year and they came in all shapes, size and colors. From where I was sitting, there were some clear winners:

So many women are afraid to experiment with bangs but, when done right they can be their own fashion statement. Look how the mousy bridesmaid turned to sexy siren just with a glittery gown and red hot bangs.


 Tousled Hair:

Look how these ladies managed to have their hair down and still look dressed up. Trust me, taming tresses to look this good without having an up-do  is hard work for a hairdresser. Beautiful, natural and so sexy!


Diamond Chokers:

I imagine one of the best things about being a celebrity is being able to pick any one of these drop-dead diamond necklaces to wear ( for free) for the evening. The only thing better would be owning it and being able to wear it anytime you want… right, Oprah?


The biggest winner of the night? Uggie. This dainty dog from the Academy Award dominating movie “The Artist” stole everyone’s heart….. including mine. He was properly dressed, too.


Who were your big winners of the evening?

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago

Oscars 2011 – Worst Dressed

Sometimes you’re just feeling bold and you want to mix it up and take chances. I can assure you there are two times in your life that this is not the time to take a serious fashion risk. One is your wedding day and the other is if you have the honor to attend the Academy Awards. These are the times to let your individuality shine but, use good sense and listen to those around you. On that note, lets go over my picks for the WORST Oscar Fashions from the 2011 awards show.

Cate Blanchett – I don’t even know where to begin. Cate took a bold fashion risk, I’ll give her that.  But, this apron-fronted Givenchy gown had just about everything wrong with it. The fit was flawless but the rest of it should have been left on the proverbial ‘cutting room floor’. By far the most confused look  of the night.

Nicole Kidman – Many years from now, Nicole is going to look back on this gown and ask herself  “What was I thinking?” I am already asking. In her Dior Haute Couture beaded peplum gown, she reminded me of a futuristic meter maid.

Penelope Cruz –  The L’Wren Scott gown accented her  figure beautifully, her hair, make-up and accessories were all beautiful. Unfortunately there was no real style to the gown and I felt like I could have seen the same thing in the Miss Universe pageant.

Helena Bonham Carter – A great actress really immerses herself in her character. However, after the film is released to DVD you can stop dressing like the the Mad Hatter, or whatever she had in mind when she picked out this  Colleen Atwood disaster. On a bright note,  at least she had time to stop in Chinatown and pick up a little plastic fan in case she broke out in a sweat.

Scarlett Johansson – We get it …you have a rockin’ bod and gorgeous hair. This Dolce & Gabanna gown, however, was too heavy looking and did not have any elements that fit your tiny frame. I also don’t think the Oscars is a good  time to have “bed head”.

Amy Adams – I have never been a huge fan of turtleneck sleeveless gowns. This navy blue, beaded, L’Wren Scott gown is no exception. Paired with the fact that the hair is too casual for this look and the necklace was too matronly, this entire look fell short for me.

Michelle Williams – When you have a gorgeous face and adorable figure, it is easy to look great in anything. Michelle’s ivory, pearl encrusted, Chanel gown is the exception. This  silhouette is designed for a very small busted, less curvy woman. It was too heavy looking and the lack of color made  this petite pixie beauty look like a faded photo of herself.

Marisa Tomei – She opted for a vintage gown circa 1950’s by Charles James,  which is a difficult choice – obviously. The truth is that women today are not built the same way the were 60 years ago. If you decide to wear vintage you have to fill out the dress completely and have it fitted to your frame. This means you have to bring your ‘A’ game and your ‘C’ cup. The  beauty of the gown was lost while we sat and tried to figure out where her boobs were.

Agree or disagree? Let me know! In the meantime, you can see the hottest couture bridal designer fashions by clicking below:

Tomorrow we tackle the Tuxes in our ‘Menswear Review’!

– Penny for Bridal Expo Chicago