Bridal Gown Shopping Can Be FUN!!

If you are one of the thousands of couples getting engaged this holiday season I have something to share with you:  For bridal salons across the U.S., the entire month of January is ‘Black Friday’. In fact, if you have even a hint that you might be getting engaged over the Holidays, it might be wise to book an appointment now because on December 26th you might be on hold for a while.

Before you arrive for your first appointment to try on bridal gowns it is wise to be prepared:

LOOK YOUR BEST– Do your hair and makeup – you might want to take a snapshot of the gown you bought. Cell phone cameras and  cameras seem to enhance skin flaws and dark circles. Look your best head to toe and you will feel better, after all you are trying on wedding gowns and the better you feel the better you will look.

UNDER THE GOWN – Wear your nicest undergarments,  heels (the height you plan to wear) and pantyhose if you like. Also if you feel like you might need some extra control, take some spanx with you.

SUPPORT GROUP -Your mom, sister, best friend or anyone who will offer support and a reality check but, don;t take too many people or their opinions may drown each other out. Take only the peope who have an opinion you trust. If someone asks to go and you dont want them to – tell them the bridal salon limits the number of people who can accompany you, its actually true in many cases.

FIRST TIME’S A CHARM – It is true that many bride’s fall in love with the first gown they try on. This happens when the bride has a clear vision and can verbalize her choice (including budget) to an experienced Bridal Consultant. Your consultant knows the store’s inventory and how each designer’s gowns are cut and priced. If you can get her to visualize your description – you are that much closer to success!

PICTURE THIS– Take photos of gowns you found in magazines or on  the internet. But, make sure the salon carries that designer. It is your responsibility to do a little homework and find salons that carry the gowns in the styles and price range that you like. Imagine going into a Mercedes dealship with pictures of Toyotas….

CHECK PLEASE– Bring whatever form of payment you will want to use because once you have found a gown that you love, it is time to stop shopping. Salons require a 1/2 deposit to order the gown and the balance is due upon arrival.  The deposit is usually based on the entire balance, including tax and extras (extra length, size or custom orders).  While you are at it, make sure you read the sales contract thoroughly so there are no surprises.

If you show up for your frst appointment fully prepared, you are more likely to have a successful and stress-free shopping experience – it can even be fun!!

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago




Lazaro Perez-Designer for Lazaro and Tara Keely

Lazaro's Personal Appearance at Macy's Bridal Salon

Lazaro's Personal Appearance at Macy's Bridal Salon

Our good friend Christopher Dillon, Manager of Macy’s Bridal Salon State Street, invited two of our members of our Fashion Department to spend some time at the bridal salon to view the Fall 2010 Lazaro and Tara Keely Bridal Collections during this past weekend’s trunk show.  We had an opportunity to meet Lazaro and discuss his visions for his collections and talk all things bridal.  What struck us the most about this renowned designer is his relaxed and grounded persona.  Soft spoken, confident, and truly enthusiastic about every bride he worked with earlier in the day.

Lazaro has been designing since the late 1990’s and has been known for awarding winning designs incorporating his talent in the use of hand beading and embroidery.  His designs are ultra-glamorous and elegant.  His Fall 2010 collection is every bride’s dream come true with exquisite designs incorporating lace, organza, silk and antique beading.  The structure and fit are superb. And he has not allowed his ego to out shine his collection which unfortunately is not necessarily the case with other designers we’ve encountered.  With Lazaro, you know in an instant that his love for his work and his dedication to creating beautiful gowns for brides is a passion that is as much alive in his eyes today as it was when he first started nearly 15 years ago.  Bravo!  For more information; visit or to find the nearest retailer who carries the Lazaro and Tara Keely brands.  A division of JLM Couture.  To book an appointment at Macy’s Bridal Salon, call (312) 781-3545. Ask for Theresa or Christopher.