The Importance of your Wedding DJ

Can you imagine what would happen if the DJ announced that the couple was about to have their first dance and the couple was nowhere to be found? Maybe they were in the bathroom or maybe they were outside of the ballroom for a few minutes talking to guests. Either way, they definitely could not be found and there was this  moment where there was dead silence and you cold almost hear crickets… AWKWARD!

Many couples don’t realize that  someone has to be in charge of the flow of things throughout the entire reception. Since it is  impossible  for them to stop every five minutes and organize the next step or to line everyone up for  announcements, toasts, dances and cake cutting – who will take charge and make sure things run smoothly? Actually it is the DJ. Surprised?

This is not the kind of thing you want to learn by trial and error since there is no trial and no room for error. You have one chance to make things right so you and your DJ need to be on the same page from the very beginning.

A good DJ will make sure things run smoothly throughout the entire evening but,  a great DJ is one that will go the extra mile and make it fun. and know how to get the guests on the dance floor.

Make sure you get to meet with the DJ who will be at your event.  This  is important since you will want to get a handle on their  their appearance and overall demeanor so that it is a good fit for your wedding. Of course there could be an emergency so ask about a backup DJ and meet with him or her as well.

Ask how long he has been working for this company or how long he has been working as a wedding DJ. You want to ensure that your DJ has been around long enough to understand wedding protocols, timing and the needs of  your wedding.

Ask about a playlist. If you specifically request ‘no chicken dance’ then you should be guaranteed there will be no chicken dance. Go over the playlist based on your music preferences and don’t be afraid to be specific. You may want to have a lot of Elvis, more Tony Bennet, or (God forbid) no disco. This is your wedding, make it clear up front what kinds of music you like and a good DJ will be thrilled that you are so thorough.

Make sure your DJ is willing to accommodate your individuality. If  he comes across as skeptical or unenthusiastic, look elsewhere.

Both the bride and the groom should meet with the DJ and agree this is the person they want representing them at their wedding. This is one of the few parts of the wedding planning that  I feel you MUST do as a couple.

Do not be talked into signing a contract before you are ready and don’t fall for high-pressure sales scare tactics. This is a red flag in any situation – not just hiring a DJ.

Do a little background check, ask for references and get everything in writing. This is one of the most important parts of your entire reception and you don’t want it ruined by a non-professional DJ who refers to Grandma Rose as a ‘hot chick’ …. or worse. Ask to ‘attend’ another one of their events to see how their style measures up. There you will see the DJ in action and be able to assess if he or she is the right choice for you.

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