Cutler/Cavallari Wedding – It’s On!

This week we found out that our very own Chicago Bears Quarterback, Jay Cutler, has rekindled his engagement to his former fiance, Kristin Cavallari. Of course the media has bombarded them with questions about the date and location (he lives in Chicago and her primary residence is L.A.). For me, the bigger question is, ‘Will she do another pre-wedding photo shoot?’ Because according to my calculations, this might just be the mother of all “it’s bad luck to see the bride in (any) wedding gown before the big day” stories.

If you are just catching up; Jay Cutler is the QB for the Chicago Bears. Kristin Cavallari is a reality/actress/socialite who recently appeared on “Dancing With The Stars”.  The two became engaged and the wedding date was set for last summer. In June, Ms Cavallari was photographed in several bridal gowns for a Life & Style photo shoot.  4 days later he ended their relationship and just this week it is reported that they reconciled and are once again engaged to be married. Was one of the gowns she wore in the photo shoot one that she had selected for her wedding? Maybe not.  But, this is still a very odd coincidence in my book.

So, how do you break a curse, if there is one? 

When you are handed a second chance at happiness, it’s time to do things differently. If I were Kristin or Jay I would keep my lips sealed tightly shut. Of course I would opt for a quiet Chicago wedding and stay far away from the spotlight. Particularly any photo shoots with bridal gowns or endorsing any wedding related products until after the wedding. I would turn this wedding into a family event and not invite the HD reality TV crews. I would not use this as a way to gain publicity or attention and spend this time focusing on the relationship. The last highly publicized ‘reality darling/professional athlete’ wedding was an EPIC disaster (as if the  Hindenberg landed on the Titanic just as it was about to sink). If they are really committed, they will focus on the relationship and forget about the publicity.

Maybe I’m just being overly skeptical or maybe it comes from being a Cubs fan but, the last thing you want on your wedding day is the slightest hint of a curse. Better safe than sorry….. and whatever you do DON’T invite Steve Bartman.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago







So You Think You Can Dance – Can You?

I will be the first to admit I am not the best dancer in the world. I have rhythm, I have a few decent moves but, I am far from any kind of talent. I consider myself of average skill and although it seemed like the 1970’s provided me with enough disco moves to last a lifetime, I am not sure they were really moves after all…. I think more people would appreciate my dancing if they were blindfolded. In short, I could use a few lessons.

Most people are like me, they get dressed up, they put on a nice outfit and they move to the best of their ability when the time comes. Of course we all enjoy dancing but, the majority of us just don’t have the Dancing With The Stars thing going on.

It seems like people used to be better dancers. Did you ever see an older couple dancing and they looked so smooth? (I mean even older than me) Did you ever watch an old movie and notice how many couples knew how to fox trot or mambo or waltz? Maybe there is a solution….

With the popularity of  television shows that promote ballroom and other types of dancing, more and more couples are signing up for dance classes prior to their wedding so they can hoof it in style for their first dance. If  Bristol Palin can do it, so can you, right? You pick the song and the instructor will guide you through the entire thing. They will help you with posture, rhythm (if you have none) and some very eye-catching moves that are not that difficult. The best part is that you and your partner will forge and even closer bond physically and emotionally over the course of your course. Let’s face it – there is nothing more romantic than dancing cheek to cheek.

Another great idea is to have your attendants take a class with you, as couples or individuals so that they can also put their best foot forward. You can have a group dance choreographed, kind of a flash mob for your reception. A few years back it seemed like everyone was orchestrating a ‘Thriller’ remake and it made for some very  entertaining and memorable wedding videos. There are also a multitude of classes that help with rhythm and  solo moves like Zumba or even basic Aerobics. The added bonus is getting in better shape and feeling better about yourself.

Drawbacks are limited but, there are a few. Don’t be tempted to re-enact any scene from Dirty Dancing. Don’t attempt any acrobatics or stunts. Don’t expect everyone to be perfect. Don’t be  surprised of your feet hurt –  bring a change of shoes for the reception if necessary.

My favorite quote from Ginger Rogers to Fred Astaire “Remember that everything you do, I do backwards and in high heels”. For your dance classes bring lots of water, the right shoes and if you need a reminder that you will be dancing in a wedding gown, try wearing a long dress that is similar, even just a bridal slip if you have to. It will affect the way you move and trust me – the last thing you want is to be tripped by your own skirt on the dance floor at your own wedding. 

Dancing is fun, dancing is good for your heart, your soul and your relationship. Live it up, dance like there is no tomorrow, dance for yourself and no one else and ( if you can) grab a lesson or two.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago

They’re playing our song


One of the most memorable parts of any wedding reception is the first dance. As family, friends, photographer, videographer and staff look on, the couple dances as a married couple for the first time. All movement in the room  stops except for the couple on the dance floor, looking into one another’s eyes, moving to the sounds of their song of choice.

Choosing the right song can be tricky, difficult or very easybut make no mistake it is a very personal choice and should express the personality of the couple and their feelings about their relationship and this big moment in their lives. That is a tall order but one that we can help you to better understand by asking yourself three simple questions:

Fast or slow?  Hard to believe but, some couples do not opt for a slow, romantic ballad to express themselves.  For certain couples, the idea of a more upbeat song fits the bill quite nicely and captivates the guests. Perhaps something like the Frank Sinatra classic “It Had To Be You” or  the equally popular remake by Harry Connick Jr. If you dissect the song, it is not really slow. It does require some serious dance moves,  so don’t pick something of this tempo if you can’t handle a foxtrot. Footnote: Frank Sinatra songs have not lost their romantic popularity since his first album but, is it a coincidence that a great deal of his best works are in a foxtrot tempo? I’ll let you think about that for a minute, it’s a good segue to the next topic.

Modern or classic? It is true that the classics never die. Think about this: many modern songs of today will become classics by the time you celebrate your 25th anniversary, so in hindsight it is  moot  to worry about the popularity of a single song. My prom theme was on a classic radio station about three years after I adorned the satin concoction my mother made for me so lets not split hairs. Pick a song that has lyrics that are meaningful or one that was playing when you cemented your commitment, so my advice: Don’t worry about how old it is.

What does the song actually say?Believe it or not, some of the most romantic songs of all times have misleading words. There is a reason that the Dolly Parton/Whitney Houston classic “I Will Always Love You” is not even mentioned on any list of top songs chosen for the first wedding dance. Listen to the lyrics, “If I should stay I would only get in your way….” Seriously? Is this what you want to be playing as you step onto the dance floor? Equally misleading are “Every Breath You Take” by the Police (stalker), “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers (morbid). I was fooled by at least one of these songs and I can tell you I was shocked when I learned what the song really said. Best piece of advice ever- Google the lyrics to your song choice to see what the song actually says. You might be surprised but you will thank me.

Bottom Line: Don’t let anyone tell you what is right or wrong, this is a very personal choice. I would take the advice of the DJ or bandleader only and perhaps enroll in dance lessons if you opt for a Sinatra tune. Happy Hoofing!

Bridal Expo Chicago has music professionals at each and every show that are in tune with your needs. Take a moment to call 847-428-3320 to get tickets to a show in your area.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago