Hoping For The Best & Preparing For The Worst

No one begins the wedding planning process worrying about every single detail that could go wrong. Correction, most people don’t plan this way, I’m sure that there are those rare exceptions.  At the risk of frightening potential brides and grooms, there are about a million things that can go wrong on any given day much less the day or week of your wedding. Being prepared for a disaster is different than planning for one or even expecting something bad to happen, being on top of every detail is not Obsessive-Compulsive, it is responsible and requires clear thinking and adult decision making.

A disaster is defined a  sudden event, such as an accident or a natural catastrophe, that causes great damage or loss of life.

Just so we are clear; a disaster is not when it rains on your wedding day, when the color of the napkins doesn’t exactly match the bridesmaid’s gowns or when you have a head cold the day before your wedding. These are minor inconveniences. Of course a sudden illness ( however short term or curable)  can be a disaster;   a burst appendix, or  chicken pox. A disaster can be a blizzard that closes airports and roads for travel, stranding  invited guests wherever they may be for days. A disaster can be the reception hall burning to the ground three days before your event.

Although there is no way to prepare for these sudden and completely inconceivable forces that could turn your life upside down at a moment’s notice, there is a way to make them less devastating.

Take care of your health – Without over-reacting, pay attention to any changes in your body. See your doctor and ask him or her to update your vaccines and if you have never had chicken pox, mumps, rubella or measles – get the necessary vaccine(s)  far in advance of your wedding date.  This also might be a good time to think about multivitamins. If you are taking any prescription medications, you must be diligent about dosage and watch for possible side effects.

Travel Plans – If you are having a destination wedding, are traveling any distance or expect out-of town guests, check weather reports in the area where the wedding is planned and if there are any severe weather alerts (blizzard, tornado, hurricane) begin to think about alternative plans.  Remind everyone who is traveling by air to book their flights well in advance, purchase the traveler’s insurance and pay the small amount extra to book a flight they can cancel or alter at a moment’s notice, it will pay for itself if needed.

Overall Insurance – Many companies offer wedding insurance; comprehensive insurance that covers the entire cost of the wedding in case of disaster or emergency. Be careful, though,  and make sure you use a reputable  and reliable carrier. Always read the fine print and make sure you are covered for specific situations indigenous to your area.

Without obsessing, without spending every waking minute worrying and driving everyone (including yourself) nuts –  simply remember the Boy Scout credo: Always be prepared.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago


Bridesmaids – How Many Is Too Much?

The average number of attendants has risen  from 3 to 6 since the year 2000. Six bridesmaids is a lot to manage. Statistically, you will probably have at least one who is married, one who is pregnant, one who is difficult, one who is struggling financially, and one who has issues. In addition to planning the wedding you will also have to keep a watchful eye on bridesmaid gown orders, shoes and  and at the very least be aware of when the gowns arrive, the fittings, etc. You will have to be sensitive to each of them and at certain times flexible so keep that in mind when it seems like a good idea to have 8 bridesmaids. Ask yourself, “Do I have the patience to handle this ( x 6)?”

Of course, you may feel like you have no choice. The groom has a sister or two, you have a sister or two, there are a couple of BF’s and all of a sudden you are up to 8 of your dearest and closest friends. At this point, you must simply prioritize. 

#1 – Appoint a very reliable maid of honor, a  ‘Bridesmaid Manager’ of sorts and keep the lines of communication open. The MOH should be able to oversee all of the scheduling, act as a buffer (between you and the difficult one, anyway)  and communicate with everyone so there are no misunderstandings. Without her, you will be drowning in drama. Have a heart to heart talk and tell her your expectations and remind her that you are counting on her to help things go smoothly. If she flinches, you need to pick someone else.

#2- See #1

 You can have a many or as few as you like. One per 50-60 guests is a good guideline but it is not a hard and fast rule. The record? Jill Stapleton of Ohio had 110 bridesmaids at her wedding in June 2010. To be fair, you should not have more attendants than guests.

You can have an uneven number of bridesmaids.

You don’t need to have a groomsman for every bridesmaid.

They don’t have to wear the same dress, or the same color, or the same anything anymore. It is whatever you want it to be!

No matter how many bridesmaids you choose, the end result should be a happy experience. In this case, less might just turn out to be more enjoyable…. for everyone. 

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago


Bachelorette Parties – HOT! HOT! HOT!

Given the fact that this has been one of the hottest summers in history with more triple digit temperatures than ever, ( and it’s not over, yet) this might be time to  have a really COOL  bachelorette party. Here are just a few ideas on how to deal with the heat and use it to your advantage:

Pool Party – Plan a beach themed pool party, complete with Hawaiian leis, tropical drinks with little  paper umbrellas, and all the accoutrements. Hula contest, pinata, and much more can help bring your tropical bachelorette party alive. Bring food out to the event, or have a bonfire so that everyone can participate.You can still have the raunchy male stripper if you want (or not).

Magic Movie Night– Speaking of male strippers. Magic Mike is the latest GNO (girls night out) pleasure and is great fun for ladies of all ages. The movie is okay. JUST okay . But, the fun that surrounds it, the speculation, the abs, the whole theater-that-serves-food-and-drinks experience along with the abs ( did I say that twice?) makes this  one of the best girls nights you can have. The best part- chatting with the ladies after the movie deciding who was the hottest. Manganiello – hands down! Oh yeah, there is a plot, too (whatever). It’s Raining Men …. WORTH IT!

Sleepover Party – Maybe it sounds tame by comparison, but, a good sleepover with pajamas, pillow fights, doing each other’s hair and nails can be a lot of fun. Book a room at a great hotel with great air conditioning, order room service and stay up all night. If you need something a little more raunchy, you can use this as an opportunity to host a ‘sexy party’. Whether it is lingerie or adult toys, you are guaranteed 50 shades of fun when the ‘big guns’ come out!!!

Ladies, it’s going to be a long, hot summer so start planning your bachelorette party, now!

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago


Bachelors and Bachelorettes Gone “Not So WILD”!

I’ve heard that Bachelor parties can get wild. I also know that  Bachelorette parties can be very tame compared to their male counterparts. I also know that the movies that represent this rite of passage are less than accurate.  From “Very Bad Things” to “The Hangover”, I laugh at so many parts that I usually have to watch again and again to see what I missed but, I laughed knowing they were just movies…. written to be absurd, ridiculous and hilarious. There was a brief scene in “The Bridesmaids” that eluded to some level of debauchery but it never came close to killing a hooker or pulling your own tooth.

Three things you need to remember about Bachelor/ Bachelorette Parties:

-The night before your wedding is the absolute worst time for this party. You do not want to be hungover or even tired on your wedding day. It will show in the pictures.

-This event is not the time to be engaging in questionable activities with the opposite sex. If you haven’t sown enough wild oats before you got engaged, there is a problem.

– Booking a Limo is the absolute best way to move everyone from one place to another. Drunk drving is bad enough to be illegal – Oh wait… it is. The bonus is that a lot of Limo companies offer packages.

If your best man or maid of honor doesn’t have any restraint or has issues with crossing the line between good and bad taste, there is hope. The new trend in Bachelor/ Bachelorette Parties is  getaways. Whether it is local or low-key, skydiving, white-water rafting, golfing or taking in a spa package – you can have a great time with no regrets. Sure, you might not have an iconic story of a night of wild abandonment but, spending the entire weekend relaxing and re-connecting with your dearest friends is a lot more exciting than it sounds… and you can put the pictures on Facebook.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago

You Might Be a Bridezilla if…….

The first known citation of the term  “Bridezilla” was in the Boston Globe in 1995 followed by a series of cartoons in Modern Bride magazine in 1999. But, it was the television series which aired in July 2004  that made the term ‘Bridezilla’ part of our modern vocabulary. 

Bridezilla is a portmanteau of two words: Bride and Godzilla. This type of morphing or blending words has become quite popular in modern culture, so much so that this one word evokes an images of an out of control, crazed, wedding obsessed woman who knows no limits.  Although rare, they are out there. Of course reality TV (aka staged, scripted versions of real life)  has tweaked the situation to make it worse but,  never underestimate the power of an engaged woman who wants to get her way. So, how do you spot these rare creatures and how do you know when your level-headed, intelligent, caring best friend has succumbed to ‘Acquired Situational Narcissism’?

 If you asked your attendant to change their hairstyle, remove a tattoo or lose weight to be in your wedding – you might be a bridezilla.

If you asked someone else to do the gift registry on your behalf because you are too busy – you might be a bridezilla.

If you have asked anyone  to address and fill in their own Thank You note – you might be a bridezilla.

If you have asked any male member of the bridal party to shave their beard, moustache or alter their appearance in any way – you might be a bridezilla.

If you are planning a wedding that is out of budget, insisting that other’s pick up the tab for things you want but cannot afford – you might be a bridezilla.

If you have had several confrontations with wedding retailers – you might be a bridezilla.

If you have told anyone what they can wear, how they can act, how much they can drink or to whom they may speak at your wedding or reception – you might be a bridezilla.

If you asked any of your attendants to gain weight so you are the thinnest person standing at the altar,  check into counseling immediately.

It appears that sometimes a wonderful, sweet, intelligent woman can turn into bridezilla for apparently no reason. The truth is that there is a reason, perhaps it is stress, family issues, work trouble and if you add all that into planning a wedding, almost anyone can let loose with a little odd behavior.

So what exactly are you supposed to do when this happpens to a friend of yours?

Smile and Nod – Remember that this person will return to normal shortly.

Offer help – She may be in over her head.

Distract – Maybe she needs a day off from wedding planning. Go for a nature hike, game of tennis, bike ride or find an amusement park. If she can unwind for one day – you will reap the benefits and you may be able to get through to her on a different level.

Intervene – Everyone who has been bearing the brunt of this behavior should come together and confront the bride with her outrageous demands. United you stand, divided you fall.

Exit – If the demands go too far and the bride will not retreat or give any concessions, you might have to remove yourself from the entire situation. This may be the only option if the bride’s demands have gone so far over the top that you have lost sight of the person you once knew. Warning: Once you go here, there is no turning back.

In reality, a very small percentage of women actually turn into the dreaded “Bridezilla”. To avoid becoming one yourself, remember what the day is really about: Your friends and family gathering together to share in your happiness. Don’t sweat the small stuff – the wedding  lasts only one day while the marriage should last forever.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago

Big Beautiful Bridesmaids – Finding a Dress That Fits

Everyone who has ever been a bridesmaid knows two things about bridesmaid dresses; you hardly ever wear them again and they run small.

For the average size 10 woman, she will need to purchase a size 12 or maybe 14 bridesmaid gown. The rule is that you always fit the biggest body measurement since the gown can be taken in everywhere and rarely let out anywhere. But, when your best friend in the world  is a size 24, what do you do? As the size 24 bridesmaid do you  tell the bride you are uncomfortable wearing the dress she picked? Is it fair to ask the largest woman, who is probably the least secure about her physical appearance to wear the same dress as everyone else? Do you ask her to lose weight?  Do you find a similar gown for her to wear? Trust me, I have seen every angle of this debate and it never changes, and  it is near impossible to make everyone happy with your choice. So what do you do if you love your friend and you really want her to look  and feel  her best? The first step is to have an open conversation about the topic. She will be so relieved that you are sensitive about this topic that you may have to pick her up off the floor!

Different gowns –Offering the bridesmaids gown choices of the same color and different styles dates back over two decades. It works beautifully then and it is still by far the best option for bridesmaids of all sizes. Here is how it works: each bridesmaid has  a different style of gown but in  the exact same  color and length. If you can find the same fabric, that’s even better – but don’t let this tiny detail deter you when selecting the dress.

Custom gown– If the bridesmaid gown you have chosen does not come in larger sizes, many bridal salons  have the capability to make a custom gown of the exact same style and fabric for a larger bridesmaid. Same fabric, same style, same everything. The upside is that the gown will almost always be exactly the same as the others, the downside is that it will probably double the price. Other factors are that  (as the bridesmaid) you will not know how you look in the gown until it is in production and all sales are final. Sometimes this is the absolute best option and everyone is ecstatic with the outcome.

No matter which option you choose as a bride or bridesmaid, consider these tips:

Fit – Most women do not want to be squeezed into a dress like a tube of toothpaste regardless of their size but it is especially important if you have an ample figure. Leave a little wiggle room by ordering the larger size and you won’t regret it.

Style: Find a gown that has an empire waist, fuller skirt or other components that are not too restricting.  Plunging necklines can sometimes bring the eye away from trouble areas and enhance the face but, remember that a bigger bustline  has disadvantages, too. Make sure everyone is comfortable with how much cleavage is exposed as this could be a personal catastrophe if there is not enough coverage. Absolutely avoid strapless.

Fabric – Avoid super-shiny satin and stiff taffeta. Find fabrics that move like chiffon, crepe and charmeuse. After you sit down in a tight satin dress you will stand up to a wrinkled mess.

Undergarments– Girdles are a thing of the past!  However, Spanx and other similar undergarments can provide not only some help smoothing out trouble areas but also help the dress fit better. If your bustline is the bigger problem, make sure you get a suitable bra that offers comfort as well as support. Better yet – find a one piece bodysuit that has the bra built in! Comfort and support are the key elements. The right undergarments will vastly improve the way you look and feel in your bridesmaid gown.

 Designers finally figured out that beautiful bridesmaids come in all sizes and offer gorgeous gowns in every shape, size and price range. You don’t have to break the bank and you don’t have to settle for anything less than fabulous!

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago

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Do Children Make Good Wedding Guests?

One of my favorite movie weddings is the fictional Mafia marriage of Connie Corleone to Carlo Rizzi. The Wedding is an elaborate backyard event with thousands of twinkling lights, traditional Italian music, children playing and dancing everywhere and the bride’s mother offering a rendition of  C’e’ La Luna Mezzo Mare. Despite the whole ‘family business’ thing, the movie shows a closeness of family that not only allows children at the wedding, but encourages them to dance, sing and enjoy the fun as much as the adults. Make no mistake about it: this is a family wedding. In reality, it is also a movie and the children were paid actors and sometimes children just don’t really fit into the grand scheme of  certain weddings.

So when should children be invited and when should they be politely excluded? Unfortunately there is no simple answer. For some couples, inviting the young offspring of their closest friends and family is a must. The whole family comes to the wedding and everyone enjoys as much fun as they can pack into the time they have together. It is a celebration and they use this time to sing, dance and  bond with everyone.

For some couples the thought of inviting children to their wedding is about as welcome as inviting ants to a picnic. Usually couples who don’t have a lot of smaller children in their immediate family, couples hosting formal black tie events and those who just think children do not belong at weddings. This is your wedding and you are allowed to invite whomever you want and plan the affair however you see fit. Don’t apologize if you want to omit children, it is perfectly acceptable and there are many ways to avoid conflict if you have chosen this path.

If it  becomes a hot topic and there is contention among your family, offer a solution before it hits the boiling point.  If you are having your reception at a hotel, you can book a room for the kids and plan a  children’s event at the same time with games, food and paid adult supervision.

If the wedding venue is not a hotel, speak to some of the parents who have children that are close to one another in age or relationship and find out if they would be interested in helping you organize a social event for the children off-site.

Honesty is the best policy to avoid disaster and hurt feelings. Talking to your invited guests about the no-children policy will help to open up the dialogue and give you a chance to work things out if they are having problems with the idea of leaving the little ones at home.

Being a parent is hard work and bringing them to a wedding is equivalent to an Olympic event. The parents may be glad you decided on an adults only evening.

If you have decided that children are welcome, include them in the fun.  Make sure there are some kid-friendly activities like a magician, balloon animal artist and one or two adults designated to ‘entertain’ the children and wrangle them if they become out of control.  Face painting sounds good but can be messy.

Instead of seating children at one table, seat them with their parents. Everyone knows that a group of ten kids can spiral out of control easily, not so much when they are wedged between their parents. Ask about a children’s menu- many caterers will oblige with special requests and it is often less expensive than having children eat the gourmet meal prepared for your adult guests.

Encourage the  DJ to play some songs the the children will recognize and enjoy. If they are dancing, they are happy and not disturbing the cake! There is nothing sweeter than to watch little ones dancing together in their wedding attire, or little girls dancing on their father’s feet.  It will make for a great photo opportunity that can later be included in your wedding album.

At the end of the day you have to decide what fits your budget, your style of wedding and your personal preference.  Make your decision early, stick to it and don’t offer any excuses. This is your wedding and you deserve to plan it however you see fit.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties – The time of your life!

With the recent release of the Hangover II and The Bridesmaids, I can’t help but find myself comparing the differences between a bachelor ad bachelorette party.

The Bachelor Party  is consistently portrayed as  a raucous last-call, the last night of freedom and debauchery before you settle down with one woman for the rest of your life. The ‘Bro Code’ is often evoked and seldom are the stories suitable for sharing at family gatherings. Or are they? My best guess is that the stories are greatly exaggerated and most men wind up falling short of the movie depiction of the bachelor party events. In theory, the most popular bachelor party destination is Las Vegas. Maybe it is the “.. what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” adage. Maybe it is the image of poker chips, strippers and the lure of the high roller suite, champagne and Petron flowing from the water faucet. And the streets are lined with gold.

Basically the  "Vegas Bachelor Party" is a group of men getting on a plane (possibly even  separately) and spending the weekend drinking, gambling and  supposedly partaking of that proverbial last call. Maybe they are just drinking and gambling. Maybe they are just hanging out and having male bonding time. Maybe ( in my husband’s case) they are enjoying those legendary buffets of steak and seafood. I’ve never been to a bachelor party so I don’t know for sure but, I would venture a guess that a weekend in Vegas for a man about to be married does not include a trip to the Liberace museum.  However, from my understanding the Vegas party is greatly exaggerated in movies and stories so if my  boyfriend or fiance or husband were headed sin city for a Bachelor Party, I would spend little or no time at all worrying about it . 

There are other types of bachelor parties for those less inclined or able  to spend that kind of money on a destination event, or aren’t interested in those types of activities. Sporting events, an evening of fine cigars and brandy, a weekend camping trip, a golf getaway or even a trip to the racetrack sitting in the box seats.  The key is to find what the groom likes best and just go with it, chances are the conversation and company will be enough to keep the night going and you won’t need tattoos, monkeys or hookers!

Bachelorette Parties, by comparison, are usually planned detail for detail including what kind of tiny veil the bride will wear on top of her head to signify she is about to tie the knot. The focus here is on the planning. Oddly enough,one of the most popular bachelorette party rituals is heading to downtown Chicago for a late show at the Baton ( a long standing staple in the female impersonation circuit). The bride and bridesmaids generally have no interest in poker playing or heavy steak dinners followed by cigars. It is usually a fancy dinner followed by club-hopping with the girls, funny necklaces  portraying the male genitalia and possibly a visit from a ‘special’ police officer. Tip: If you see a cop carrying a boom box, get ready for a lap dance. Seemingly tame by comparison, the bachelorette party can still serve up a night of fond memories.  A relaxing weekend retreat at a luxurious spa might be in order, perhaps taking in a spectacular show followed by a night of girl-talk in a gorgeous hotel suite overlooking the city. For a more personal touch, host  a catered "pajama party’. You can even ‘raunch it up’  with ‘gadget demonstrations’  if  it suits the bride. Again, the point here is to find something the bride would enjoy and make this night memorable.

If you have the honor of planning a bachelor or bachelorette party keep these  things in mind:

  Be respectful of the budget.Maybe a $2000 weekend wouldn’t put a dent in your bank account but, even a $200 weekend would adversely affect one of the other attendees. Have a candid conversation about this in private with anyone you feel might have a problem. If you can pool yor resources, even better.

The guest of honor never pays.Techincally the bride or groom should be able to leave their wallet at home. This is their event planned and paid for by the members of the bridal party. Asking the honoree to pay is simply tacky.

Dont drink and drive. This is a great time to use a limo service. Ladies – how about that big pink stretch limo you saw at the Bridal Expo? You would look great sitting in it.. tell everyone to wear pink to match and have some fun with it! Guys – how about a party bus or a massive stretch Hummer ?

At Bridal Expo, we have   companies to handle all of your bachelor and bachelorette party needs from pink feather boas to a tuxedo t-shirt. For more information. click on www.bridalshowexpo.comand visit our wedding directory links under the title bachelor/bachelorette parties. Or even better, call 847-428-3320 to get tickets to a show in your area so you can see for yourself why Bridal Expo is the resource for all your wedding related needs.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago

Bridesmaids – The Movie!

From the moment I saw the first trailer or heard the first tidbit of information, I knew I HAD to see “Bridesmaids”.  So when my BFFs called and whisked me away to the movie Friday night, wild horses could not have kept me away!
Let me first explain I am not a movie critic and I have no credentials as such. But, I am a woman and I have female friends, I have been both a bridesmaid and a bride and have lived inside the wedding business for almost 30 years, those are my credentials!

As an unqualified movie critic, I suggest that every woman should be required to see this movie. It examines female relationships so hilariously that you cannot imagine you are laughing about something so inappropriate. More importantly, in this movie you will find one or all of the women who are bridesmaids in your circle of friends; the blushing bride, the innocent one, the real mom, the perfect one, the wild card and the maid of dishonor. You will also  find that one or all of you has had similar feelings or circumstances ( maybe not as highly exaggerated as the on-screen version) as the women in this movie.  You will also be surprised at how sympathetic you are to the plight of the bride and each of the onscreen maids.

Basically the bride’s life is coming together just as the  life of her maid of honor seems to be falling apart. As a result, we are forced to take a comedic and raunchy look at how ridiculous some of  the typical bridesmaid rituals really can get.  we watch and laugh as  Annie ( maid of honor) constantly breaks down and nearly ruins every detail of every event with her hilarious hi-jinks and total ineptitude.  She is spectacular.

Annie is that  little voice in our head; every fear personified, every insecurity magnified. She is the funny, un-hinged, insecure girl with a heart of gold who just keeps getting kicked around. Her actions and re-actions to every situation are priceless.

The  movie allows us to admit that the wedding and  bridesmaid gowns are hideous even though they are ultra-expensive.  It allows us to admit that the over-the-top shower invitations ( including a live butterfly) are pretentious and the favors given out by the hostess have simply gone way too far.  It allows us to laugh when life throws a big banana cream pie in our face and eventually realize the only important thing is to hold on to the relationships you have spent a lifetime building.

Rarely do I say this ( and anyone who has seen the movie will probably agree) Bridesmaids II will almost certainly be as good as if not better than the first. Mostly because there are so many other aspects of the wedding that have yet to be examined under a humorous microscope but also because I really fell in love with these women – first as my own friends and then again on screen last Friday.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago

A Salute to Bridesmaids

They have agreed to stand by your side at your wedding and watch as you marry your life partner. They have agreed (maybe reluctantly) to wear and pay for whatever gown you have chosen for them. They have agreed to be as much or as little a part of the entire process and the big day as you want.  Bridesmaids everywhere; past, present and future – we salute you!

Bridesmaid’s duties are simple;  smile, look your best and be supportive.  Bridesmaid’s under no circumstances are allowed to cause trouble for any reason from start to finish. If they hate the dress, the should wear it and not complain. If they are not happy with any one single detail of the wedding, the need to zip their lips and move on. The only time a bridesmaid should question anything is if she really has difficulty paying. It is not bad manners to explain to the bride that she simply cannot afford the gown, shoes, etc (or whatever) and she and the bride can decide on a course of action.

It is truly an honor to be asked to be a bridesmaid. Your friend has decided she wants to see you in her wedding photos, she wants to share the innermost wedding details and to have you stand by her side as she takes a solemn vow. This is an important job, not to be taken lightly. Sure there are bridesmaid horror stories, usually involving a self-indulgent female who has her opinions about how the gown (and everything else) should be handled. But, for the most part, bridesmaids have been given bad reputation and for what? Wearing a sometimes awful dress and having their picture taken.

In honor of Bridesmaids everywhere  I have created the bridesmaid’s oath:

“On this day I vow to be your bridesmaid, to hold your wedding vows sacred an support your decision to marry __________.

I vow to wear whatever gown you choose, to smile in every picture, to stand in the receiving line for any amount of time and smile at every person who shakes my hand.

I vow to not complain about the fit, fabric or cost of the bridesmaid gown. To show up for every fitting on time with the correct shoes and undergarment. To wear whatever headpices, hair comb, jewelry, makeup and shoes you decide. To never question your motive, reason or decision regarding my attire for the day.


I vow to get you through the wedding planning process seamlessly. To provide humor, support, and  a much needed girls night out whenever you need.


I vow to attend every bridesmaid function without excuse, hesitation or delay. To smile and enjoy each function without over-indulging in alcohol or to cause any intentional embarrassment to the bride, groom or family of either one.

I vow not to chew gum during the wedding, to make sure my skirt is not tucked into my panties as I walk up the aisle, to leave my shoes on during the reception and to not attempt to disrupt the photos with rabbit ears over someones head.

I vow to be your friend and to uphold the sanctity of the honor that has been bestowed upon me by being a bridesmaid in the wedding of one of my closest friends. This is my solemn vow.”


I can’t wait to see the new movie  “Bridesmaids” opening tomorrow.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago