4/20 – All things Hemp

Hemp is a controversial topic but, don’t confuse Marijuana with Hemp!  They both come from the same plant species (Cannabis) but they could not be more different: Hemp is legal to grow, Marijuana is not. No one grows Hemp for smoking or ingesting any other way. Hemp is grown specifically for the fibers, oils and seeds it produces. So you can use the Hemp guilt free!

It is also one of the world’s  greatest untapped resources. According to Hemp USA, “Hemp can be used to produce a very large variety of products from clothing to paper to building supplies to cars to fuels to food products to much, much more.  Hemp is an environmental, renewable, reusable and recyclable resource.” Okay, I’m sold. But, how does that help  with your wedding?

If you are one of the millions of engaged couples who have decided to go “Green’ with your wedding,  Hemp is great place to start. It is probably one of the most misunderstood products and the punch line for many a joke.   It is the strongest  natural fiber in the world and has been used to make paper and cloth for over ten thousand years. Below are a few of the many ways Hemp can cure your “Green Wedding” blues.

Designers  are using hemp in conjunction with silk, cotton and linen because it  makes a more attractive, durable, and softer fabric.  Hemp is grown quite well without the use of pesticides or other chemicals  and therefore wins the nod of environmentalists everywhere. Look for gowns made from Hemp – they are not the hippie creations you would imagine. Still not sure? Consider these gorgeous gowns made from Hemp/Silk blends.


Hemp paper is not only beautiful – it  doesn’t yellow and accepts ink better than most papers. The retailers of Hemp paper boast that the end result will also provide a smear & smudge free copy that is crisp, clear and easier to read, especially if you are able to use  Hemp ink.

Leave it to Woody Harrelson to find a Hemp Tuxedo. Menswear has finally found its place in the world of eco-conscious celebrities so it only makes since that our favorite cannibis celeb would wear this dashing tux on the red carpet. Burberry made this one but, Giorgio Armani has thrown their “Hemp Hat” into the Organic Tuxedo ring as well.

Treat your attendants to a Hemp gift basket.  Hemp oils, lotions, bath wash, beauty items, jewelry are all readily available and make a gift so organic that your bridesmaids will be green without the envy.






-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago