Wedding Planners – To Have And Hold On To

How are you planning on planning your wedding? A simple checklist? A software program? An app for your phone? No matter how you go about it, finding a great system to organzie your wedding plans is one of the single most important things you need to do before you make a list of things to do. The right wedding planner will guide you month-to-month, day-to-day, task-to-task  and help you accomplish every single detail in a timely manner.

From The Knot to Martha Stewart and beyond; almost every wedding expert offers a Wedding Planning Book but, before you run out an buy the first organzier you see-  make sure it meets all of your needs.

A hardbound book looks nice but, a spiral organizer will probably hold together better. Of course another option is an actual binder type organizer that includes pocket folders.

If you are interested in more high tech planning, you may want to try wedding planning online. Today’s brides have access to the same software that wedding professionals use and it can be easier than you think. Some of the benefits include multiple users and (with some programs) being able to access your information from anywhere you  can log on to a computer.


For couples who are serious gadget gurus and constantly on the go, you could try a wedding planning app for your phone. Although many are  geared toward iphones, there are apps available for other phones as well.  Having every detail at your fingertips is a real bonus as well as not having to worry about carrying around a bulky binder.










It doesn’t matter which form of wedding planner you use, as long as you use one. The most important thing is finding one suited to your indivdual lifestyle and needs. Do your research, ask for recommendations from previous brides whose opinion you trust but, make no mistake the one thing you don’t want to skimp on is the thing that will simplify and coordinate all of these complicated  details.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago


Wedding Planning 101 – Bridal Expo

I am sure you ‘ve often heard that sometimes the truth hurts. The fact is – sometimes it doesn’t hurt at all. Sometimes the truth is easy and painless. I can give you one perfect example: The BEST first step you can take to planning your wedding is to attend one of our luxurious bridal shows. That’s the truth.

However, there are some ways to make it easier and even more painless than you could imagine. I am thrilled to pass along these tips to you so you can save time and money and have a great time at our events.

1) Make a day of it! Don’t plan to come to a show when you are in a hurry. Make this one day very special, plan a fantastic breakfast or brunch beforehand and stay for the entire show. You will not be sorry. You will save more time visiting our vendors in that one day than driving to and from every single vendor we have at our shows. How much time and money would you like to save?

2) Plan ahead. Before attending, bring a checklist of what services you need.  This will avoid confusion and save time. You won’t need to spend time shopping for vendors that you have already booked.

3) Bring your support team. Mom, Maid of Honor, Groom? who offers you the best advice and gives you the most support? Bring those people with you to keep you on task and focused on your needs.  You don’t want to bring ‘Debbie Downer’ with you and ruin an otherwise awesome event.

4) Bring contact labels. At each of our shows, you will have the eopportunity to sign up for amazing prizes and specialdeals from Bridal Expo and each of  our vendors. It saves so much time, not to mention writer’s cramp) if you have address labesl pre-printed with your contact information. Dont forget your email address ! Make sure all the information is current.

5) Bring a digital camera. Yes, we not only allow but, encourage our brides to take pictures. A picture is worth a thousand words. There will be flowers, cakes, gowns,  and all kinds of other things that you will want to remember. This is the best way to document your preferences. Later you can print those pictures and place them in your wedding planner for quick referencing.

6) Leave the kids at home. If you have small children, this is the best time to cash in a favor from a good friend and ask them to watch the kids for the day. Small children will be overwhelmed by the crowds and you will want to be able to stay focused. Plus, there are no strollers in the vendor area. The kids will thank you!

7) Arrive Early. This will give you time to register, and after you have visited every vendor you will be able to find a great seat for the Couture Runway Fashion show. No where else can you see this many luxurious designer  bridal gowns, headpieces and attendant gowns in one place.

8) Come for the show, stay for the prizes.  At each and every Bridal Expo there are fabulous prizes given away on stage before, during and after our luxurious runway fashion show. Large prizes (fabulous getaways, diamond earrings, photogrpahy packages) and smaller prizes (countertop appliances and gift certificates). Either way, you will not win the prizes if you are not there to claim them. If the bride is not present when called, our Fashion Director and show commentator, Carol Tardi, will call another name. Don’t be the one that got away!

9) Be ready to save money. Many of our vendors  offer booking specials. Dont be afraid to save money. If you are not ready to make a decision,  ask for their information so you can contact them later. They will be happy to oblige. 

10) Relax. The wedding planning process should be fun and Bridal Expo will help make it easier.  Organization is the key to staying stress-free and focused.

Call 847-428-3320 today to get  tickets to a Bridal Expo in your area, you won’t be sorry!

-Penny Frulla For Bridal Expo Chicago