Celebrity Weddings – What Would You Do?

It is often said you can never be too rich or too thin. Personally, I am in no danger of being either one so I can only speculate on how difficult it must be to be both at the same time (insert eye roll). Some of the wealthiest, most beautiful women in the world are not high-profile celebrities and although they do have their share of wedding dilemmas,  it can’t compare to the pressure and burden of being Angelina Jolie during the planning of her eventual wedding to her equally high -profile (megastar) fiance, Brad Pitt. Especially since she is often critiqued about being too thin and probably too rich as well.

Of course she can hire planners to do everything, have stores closed down for shopping, visit designers showrooms and have all wedding attire custom designed and fitted to perfection. However, there comes a day (the wedding day) when all eyes are upon her and she has to find a gown that can stop the critics dead in their tracks… that is, if she cares at all. Critics (like me) who can be cynical and in other cases downright unkind.

The question remains, if you are Angelina Jolie, what will your wedding be like? My guess is completely toned down. Think of Kim Kardashian’s fairytale (staged) wedding and imagine the exact opposite. Not to the degree where people are eating off paper plates but you can bet that the wedding will not be televised unless the profits go to AMFAR or one of this power couple’s other pet projects.

Personally, if I were in her shoes, I would find a diaphanous gown of varying pastel shades, have all the children suited accordingly in matching pastels, find  a secluded spot in the English countryside, invite only close family and friends (and their kids) and have a charming afternoon event that is more about the ceremony than a lavish reception. If it were me, and I was thin and rich and high-profile, I would completely engulf myself in the Victorian/Antique theme that is so hot right now. I would do anything and everything to have  a casual, rustic, family gathering with Peonies, Hydrangeas,wildflowers  and antique china place settings. I would make it intimate, heartfelt, and completely understated. Kids? Yes. Foreign dignitaries? No. More than anything, I would make sure the vows are extraordinary and memorable.

Most of all (dare I say?) I would not have a strapless gown no matter how good I looked in it – just to protest the lack of options and being a super-powerful, mega-wealthy Hollywood star, you can do anything you want!

…..and what would you do?

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago