What Is Your Aisle Style?

The music begins, the bride enters the venue, everyone rises as she begins the trip down the aisle. Everyone turns to face the back of the venue, and all simultaneously turn as she passes their seating area. All eyes follow her as she makes the trip down the aisle to until she reaches the point where she will meet her future husband to recite their vows.   Not much has changed for the journey down the aisle in hundreds of years. That is all about to change.  You’re asking, “So, what’a new in wedding aisles?”. Everything. As weding become less about what s expected and more about what best expresses each couple, someone very clever came up with some innovative and groundbreaking aisle ideas.

Spiral Seating – Best for (but, not limited to) outdoor venues.Arranging th seating in a spiral fashion allows more movement throughout the crowd so everyone can get a close-up look ot the bride. It is a more informal, casual approach and definitely one that will hold your guests attention. Not to mention, everyone gets a front row seat!









Center Stage – Arranging the chairs in a thater-in-the-round fashion will give everyone the same exact vantage point. This is also best for outdoor venues and can seat dozens of people in a manner where there is no overcrowding and no one has to overextend their neck too far to see what is going on. Topped off with a canopy in the center, this is  fantastic opportunity to show off your lavish or simple decorating touches.








Standard– Of course the classics never die! You can’t go wrong with the traditional aisle where seats are neatly arranged in rows, this will undoubtedly never go out of fashion.  When choosing pew or chair decor, remember that people will need to be able to enter the rows easily. Candles may seem like a good idea but, only if they are inside of  lanterns or some other protective covering. Consider artificial candles that silmulate the real thing to perfection, compete with flickering light. The worst thing would be to have exposed flame in a confined area with yards of silk and tulle.

Couples today are using every avenue available to them to express their individuality and to figure out the best way to make their wedding suit ther persnalities. Sometimes changeing things this ingrained in history and tradition causes arguments and criticism among concerned family members. This is code for some people (parents) don’t like change. If you are one of the pioneers of a Spiral Aisle then, be prepared for some heated discussion and/or criticism. Remind them gently that this is your choice and “Change is good.”

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago