Bridal Headpieces – Trend Alert

No conversation about bridal headpieces would be complete without first discussing you hair. Decide if you want your hair up or down or somewhere in between. Will this be a casual or formal look? Make all hair decisions first since your headpiece choice is based not only on your gown but, also on the style of your coiffure.

Headpieces are such a seemingly small wedding detail it often gets overlooked and overpowered by the gown choice. Historically headpieces consisted of a simple piece of  cloth to cover the brides face until she is unveiled to the groom. The headpiece was merely to hold the veil in place. Today they can stand alone and many brides opt for no veil at all.

I have put together a list of the latest trends in bridal headpieces to make things simple for you.

#1 Headband. Hands down, this simple look is taking brides across the continent by storm. You see it everywhere, and it loks great on just about everyone. It can be incorporated into an up-do and it looks smashing when added to flowing locks. You can’t go wrong with a headband. This is not your typical headband, though. These are swarovski-crystal encrusted, silk-ribbon tied masterpieces.

#2- Cage veil. A cage veil is named such because its shape resembles a birdcage.  However, some cage veils don’t even touch the face, they merely skim around the edge of the forehead, which accents the face beautifully in photos.  The cage veil is always made of English or French netting – the kind of netting that has large openings and sometimes little dots at the intersections. No cage veil would be complete without decoration of some kind; dramatic flowers, tufts of ostrich feathers, crystals and (hold your breath) COLOR!

#3 – Scattered Hairpins – Adorned with porcelain flowers, sparkling crystals or a simple pearls, these  brilliant accents are the is the perfect way to adorn a loose up-do. Definitely a more casual look but, there is always the option of adding a longer veil in the back to dress it up for the ceremony.  This is my personal favorite for a destination or outdoor venue. 

#4 – Embellished barrettes, combs, clips or ties.  If you decide to do a long ponytail to one side, if you decide to have your hair swept up on one side ala Veronica Lake (I’ll wait while you google that one), or if you decide on a side part with your long bangs gently pulled to one side; jeweled combs and barrettes are right up your alley. The sparklier, the better.

Whatever your style is, you can find all of the latest trends for your headpiece and veil choice at Bridal Expo. We host dozens of bridal and accessory salons and showcase them every Sunday at our couture runway fashion show. Please call 847-428-3320 to get tickets to a show in your area.

We look forward to seeing you in Wisconsin at the Brookfield Sheraton this Sunday March 6, 2011. Doors open at 10:30, fashion show begins at 2:00 pm.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago