The Royal Wedding – Fashion Roundup part 1

If I am writing with a British accent today, it’s because I am still totally immersed in the Royal Wedding.

My Fashion Round-up for the day:

HRH Princess Catherine emerged from her hotel under the tightest of the contract security guards today wearing a simple, elegant gown by Sarah Burton of the Alexander McQueen label.  It was everything we thought it would be and less. Less?  It was simple and very refined,  it mirrored the sentiments of the worldwide economy –  modest and unpretentious. Her gown reminded me very much of the gown worn by Princess Grace of Monaco in her 1956 wedding  which suggests that fashion and good taste are indeed timeless.  Even the veil was similar, edged in lace and draped smoothly (not poufy) over her face. In reality it draped a little too close and seemed to flatten her hair en route to the ceremony. The reason? Veiling is very light and lace can be heavy, particularly the re-embroidered kind that edged her fingertip veil.  No real damage done since after the veil was lifted from her face it settled over the back of her head and cascaded from the simple Cartier tiara borrowed from the queen.  In case you didn’t notice, the lace also edged the hem of her gown, and was added in the folds which gave some much needed detail to the train which her sister Pippa fluffed and arranged beautifully.  Her bouquet was equally simple and understated.  A bit on the small side, it incorporated the traditional Myrtle from Queen Victoria’s garden, Lilac, Hyacinth and Sweet William, a tribute to her husband.

Pippa Middleton, maid of honor was also dressed in Sarah Burton. Her slender, ivory mermaid gown with shoulder pads ( are they back?) and a deep V cowl neck, appeared to be a bias cut gown made of 4 ply silk crepe.  Bias cut  is extremely hard to wear unless you have a near perfect figure, which she does. At first it seemed a bit tricky for her to navigate the steps since it was very close fitting around the knees and at one point I was afraid she was going to have to hop up the stairs but, she shortened her step slightly and paused before each step. Very clever of her, and exactly the kind of move you need to anticipate if you plan to wear this type of gown.  I absolutely loved the flowers in her hair!

Carole Middleton was stunning in pale blue. When I heard pale blue I winced slightly thinking it would resemble a washed out Robin’s egg. This was more of a cornflower blue which worked out beautifully with her tanned skin. The cut and style of her entire ensemble was dynamic on her svelte figure.  Good news, it  looks like the  Dukan Diet works!

Camilla wore a two- tone, hand embroidered ensemble by Anna Valentine which was well suited to her frame. I am not sure I understand the color combination but, I was slightly distracted by the size of her hat. I really wish she would tone down her hair a bit since she is getting older and the bat-winged hairdo is a little dated.  Jimmy Choo shoes….. good choice!

Queen Elizabeth was dressed head to toe in yellow. The primrose dress, coat and hat were all designed by Angela Kelly. The hat was a bit square and I have seen her wear more flattering colors but she was all smiles and hardly seemed to be able contain her joy. Bonus: She was perfectly color-matched to the Dean of Westminster,  was that planned? My favorite QE moment was when she was escorting the bridesmaids (flower girls) onto the balcony. At that moment I hardly saw the Matriarch of  one of the most revered Monarchies, I saw a grandmother doting on her flock.

The bridesmaids’ dresses – ivory with ballerina length pleated skirts, puffed sleeves and gold sashes tied in a “sumptuous” bow – were created by bespoke childrenswear designer Nicki Macfarlane. Again, the term bridesmaids here is used to describe what we refer to as flowergirls. Bespoke is a term used to describe anything custom-made to the buyer’s specifications.
Prince William chose to wear his royal guard suit. Since he has trained in all branches of the military, he could have chosen to represent any of  those in the official military regalia with great pride. His choice was especially touching since the sole  job of  the Royal Guard is to protect members of the Royal Family.
Prince Harry not only looked truly handsome  donning full military regalia but, maintained his mischievous grin the entire time. Perhaps he was thinking of how he would ask Pippa to dance at the reception. Is it just me or would they make a cute couple?
For me, the best part of the day was when they came out onto the balcony for the  ‘kiss’  first made famous at their parents’ wedding 30 years ago. It was quick, of course.  PDA is out, and now (it seems) so is opulence. Simple is the new black and less is once again more!
Tomorrow Part 2:  Hats and Misses
-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago

Losing weight before your wedding? Consider this

Are you one of the millions of men or women who would like to shed a few pounds before a big event? Would you like to decrease belly fat, eliminate cellulite and have no back fat whatsoever? If so, read on.

Losing weight is difficult. Working out  can be painful and we all know that food is our best frenemy. What to do? I hoep you are ready for this life-changing secret: diet and exercise are your only options. 

If you want to lose weight before your wedding, you need to begin your lifestyle change the minute the ring is on your finger. The sooner you start, the sooner you will see results. 6 months before the big day is the suggested time frame for maximum results, 6 days before is still not too late to lose a pound or two.

There have been hundreds of diet books written and equally as many exercise programs designed specifically for quick weight loss. Do they work? Yes and No. It is possible to lose massive amounts of weight before a big event by deprivation but this is a quick fix and the weight will probably start to come back on the minute you taste the first piece of wedding cake.

The single best way to lose weight is to find a diet and exercise plan that sounds like something you could stick to and proceed with caution. Always consult a physician first. Why consult a physician? Just as every single person has their own unique fingerprint, each person has specific metabolic and nutritional needs. I can personally tell you weight loss horror stories that include shortness of breath, fainting and hair and tooth  loss. True stories from personal experience, not the kind of thing that is made up and emailed to five thousand people.

Diet – The Duakn Diet is the latest diet to receive a ton of media attention due in large part to Carole Middleton ( Mother of future princess Kate). There is also the Wedding Day Diet, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, South Beach Diet, Atkins and so on. They all work to some degree, and of course individual results vary.  The common thread is the fact that they ALL demand you drinks lots and lots of water. In addition some boast that you can re-train your way of thinking about food and some aim to re-train your body to burn calories in a specific manner.

Fitness – Almost every fitness center or gym offers a cardio program. Enroll. Try out one of the Bridal Boot Camps offered at many gyms, they work! If you can’t join a gym for whatever reason, try a workout CD or video game. Wii and Xbox 360 both have some very strenuous workout regimens where you can actually see your body on TV, in the privacy of your home. The good news is that Bridal workout tapes are targeted specifically for losing inches and toning in the areas that will be the most critical to look and feel better in gowns that are still tending to be strapless. Arms, waist and back are the three most complained about.

The last thing you need before you begin your diet/exercise regime is a realistic goal. Don’t expect to come out on the other end with a 22 inch waist if you never had a small waist to being with. You will be disappointed. Your basic shape will remain the same, only tighter and more tone. You will also reap the benefits of healthy eating by enjoying clearer skin and healthier hair and nails. Its a win/win!

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago