Flu Season Is (Still) Upon Us

It is December, the stores are filled with Christmas decorations and it is 70 degrees outside…. in Chicago… seriously. As a result, there are a lot of germs lingering around due to the unusually warm  temperatures and couples need to take a lot of precautions not to wake up on their wedding day with the full-blown flu.

This would be a really good time to get a flu shot if you can. Some people have never gotten one and some people always get one. Don’t take any chances and get one this year… you  won’t regret it. Do this at least two weeks before the wedding.

You absolutely must take action at the first symptom to avoid being passed out from cold medication or doubled over in the restroom with intestinal pain during your wedding and reception. Waiting too long to call the doctor can hasten your recovery or worse, lead to complications. People actually die from the flu…. no joke, it is dangerous!!!

Sore Throat/Cough –Drink warm tea with honey or lemon. I swear by  Limoncello. A shot of limoncello in a cup of tea might not be such a bad idea, either. It is important to do something immediately about this. A  sore throat or even a tickle is a sign that something is amiss in your immune system.

Runny Nose/ Sneezing/Sniffles – This is a sign you are probably coming down with a cold. Take what you normally take for a cold, and  do whatever it takes to enjoy your day. If you have a hard time taking medicine, use Cold-Eze, Airborne, or anything with zinc, echinacea, vitamin C, garlic or honey. Keep saline spray and use it often to avoid sneezing. Stay hydrated to avoid exhaustion, Gatorade, G2 and water. Make sure you have kleenex on hand and if you must sneeze; sneeze into your elbow, not your hands!

Upset stomach – Stress is the #1 cause of stomach upset. If you have a mild upset stomach, avoid eating too much of anything. Ginger Ale is recommended because of the Ginger. However, Green tea or any tea made with chamomile, ginger, mint or cinnamon is preferred.  If your upset stomach is due to something more serious like a stomach virus, you will need to bring out the big guns. Call your doctor immediately and tell him/her your dilemma. Avoid soda, alcohol and sweets to give your stomach time to rest.

Sinus/Allergy problems – If you are prone to sinus or allergy problems you will want to prepare well ahead of your wedding. Hot compresses on your face will open things up as well as a steamy shower. If you belong to a gym that has  a steam room – now is the time to use it. Keep a saline spray on hand but try not to over-indulge, it is not a permanent solution.

The worst thing that can happen is to become seriously ill the day before (or the day of) your wedding.  The weeks, days leading up to your wedding are when you are the most busy and the most susceptible to viruses. Keep your hands washed, drink a lot of fluids and if you feel the slightest bug coming on – call your doctor!

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago