Cutler/Cavallari Wedding – It’s On!

This week we found out that our very own Chicago Bears Quarterback, Jay Cutler, has rekindled his engagement to his former fiance, Kristin Cavallari. Of course the media has bombarded them with questions about the date and location (he lives in Chicago and her primary residence is L.A.). For me, the bigger question is, ‘Will she do another pre-wedding photo shoot?’ Because according to my calculations, this might just be the mother of all “it’s bad luck to see the bride in (any) wedding gown before the big day” stories.

If you are just catching up; Jay Cutler is the QB for the Chicago Bears. Kristin Cavallari is a reality/actress/socialite who recently appeared on “Dancing With The Stars”.  The two became engaged and the wedding date was set for last summer. In June, Ms Cavallari was photographed in several bridal gowns for a Life & Style photo shoot.  4 days later he ended their relationship and just this week it is reported that they reconciled and are once again engaged to be married. Was one of the gowns she wore in the photo shoot one that she had selected for her wedding? Maybe not.  But, this is still a very odd coincidence in my book.

So, how do you break a curse, if there is one? 

When you are handed a second chance at happiness, it’s time to do things differently. If I were Kristin or Jay I would keep my lips sealed tightly shut. Of course I would opt for a quiet Chicago wedding and stay far away from the spotlight. Particularly any photo shoots with bridal gowns or endorsing any wedding related products until after the wedding. I would turn this wedding into a family event and not invite the HD reality TV crews. I would not use this as a way to gain publicity or attention and spend this time focusing on the relationship. The last highly publicized ‘reality darling/professional athlete’ wedding was an EPIC disaster (as if the  Hindenberg landed on the Titanic just as it was about to sink). If they are really committed, they will focus on the relationship and forget about the publicity.

Maybe I’m just being overly skeptical or maybe it comes from being a Cubs fan but, the last thing you want on your wedding day is the slightest hint of a curse. Better safe than sorry….. and whatever you do DON’T invite Steve Bartman.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago







11/11/11 Weddings – Your Lucky Day!

Most people pick their wedding date based on family events like birthdays or other anniversaries, some like the idea of getting married on Valentine’s Day, Christmas or New Years Eve. Then there are those dates like November 11, 2011 that have  a more celestial meaning. Since the year 2000, there have been one of those dates every month, only a handful falling on a weekend day and there are only a few left in the entire 21st century. These dates are referred to as ‘paradigms’ because they follow a distinct pattern and couples around the world believe in their power. In fact  11/11/11 was voted the the ‘luckiest’ wedding date of the entire year beating out Valentines Day by 26%.

Thousands of couples will be flocking to Las Vegas this weekend to take part in their own personal version of making history in order to get married on November 11th and hopefully hit the jackpot by using a lucky wedding date as a starting point. To be exact, it is estimated that over 3,500 couples have already booked wedding packages.

So does having this date guarantee a lifetime of happiness? Maybe.  Numerologists believe that each number has a trait and a “vibration” attached to it. So, you take the number by itself and then you also break down each two-digit number into a single digit. In this case, you add one plus one to get two and two in numerology equals love. Even math is romantic on this day!

11/11/11 is not just for weddings, either;  florists are offering specials for  11 roses delivered on Friday for couples who are feeling romantic …and lucky!  Is all of this just  an odd coincidence? Maybe…. but why take the chance? Bonus: If you are getting married and your birthday is this Friday, I would buy a lottery (ticket just in case).


-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago


Wedding Planning the Easy Way!

After you have called your parents, siblings and best friends… the next most important thing you can do to start your wedding planning is to present a united front.

It seems like this is a simplistic way of looking at wedding planning but, it isn’t. There are the budget concerns, tricky seating charts and the possibility of having  difficult in laws. How do you handle these? the best answer is: together.

When your budget doesn’t quite meet what you had in mind: have a talk and decide (together) what can be traded. Don’t worry about having a grand affair if you can only afford a garden party, remember that you are getting married and the outcome is always the same.

When a difficult in-law says or does something that offends either of you; stand together and defend one another against all outsiders. Become a team, working together for the greater goal because having a cohesive plan to stick together will get you through all of the tricky wedding planning.

If you have a groom that isn’t interested in the planning process and you bothagree you will be doing the the majority of the wedding planning solo- make sure you have a good support system.  Enlist your most trusted family or friend and have at it. But only if you both agree.

People will inundate you with their opinions and you will have to learn how to politely decline some or most of their advice. People will insist you call their caterer or florist or seamstress or neighbor who does cakes. Tell them you have it under control and change the subject.

If you have a great support system and agree to make all decisions together, you are already off to a great start!

The next best thing you can do is to attend a Bridal Expo – together. Bridal Expo has fine-tuned the wedding planning experience so you can see dozens of vendors in your area who have samples of their work at each show. Kick the tires on a stretch Limo, smell the flowers, taste the cake, touch the invitations, listen to the DJ, sit in an actual photobooth and then relax while Bridal Expo brings to you a Bridal Runway Fashion show that will magically transport you to a New York Runway. Sounds nice? It is. The bonus is that you and your fiancee can literally satisfy all of your wedding planning needs in one place without arguing, planning or even steping outside the front door…. as long as you do it as a team.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago