Daylight Savings Time and Your Wedding

Last night nearly everyone in the United States set their clocks forward one hour in observance of Daylight Savings Time, with the exception of Arizona, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Daylight Savings Time was first introduced to reduce the amount of artificial lighting used  and to allow human beings internal clocks to adjust to the solar calendar. Research shows, without fail, that the practice of  ‘springing forward’ or ‘falling back’ has little or no affect on productivity or sleep patterns.  The reality is in modern times our schedule is our schedule, we work from 9 am to 5 pm ( fro example) no matter the season.

Seeing as how this is a blog about weddings and wedding planning you are probably asking yourself,  “What gives with the Dalight Savings Time lecture and who cares?” The reality is that if you plan your wedding on the weekend of either the Spring or Fall time change, it will have an affect on you and your guests.

Fact: Clocks are set forward the second Sunday in March, and backward on the first Sunday in November.

Tip: It is perfectly acceptable to remind your guests either on the invitation somewhere or on your website that this is the weekend of a time change, especially if your wedding is on that Sunday! You don’t want people showing up an hour late.

Fact: Most cell phones automatically change the time for you.

Tip: It is a good idea to set reminders on your phone or other device to alert you the day or week before the time change so you can get used to the change.

Fact:  Losing an hour of sleep in the Spring is awful.

Tip: Starting the Monday before the scheduled time change, set your alarm clock ten minutes early. By Saturday you will be waking up 50 minutes earlier than usual, on Sunday you will wake up feeling refreshed and never know you missed an hour of sleep.

There always has an always will will be controversy over whether or not the semi-annual time changes are necessary, there are websites, petitions and legislation trying to abolish Daylight Savings Time. For modern brides and grooms there is very little to worry about and if handled properly, it shouldn’t present any problems at all.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago