Beware of Brides on a Crash Diet

Crash dieting can cause an array of negative physical side effects, such as lethargy, extreme hunger, body aches, decreased bone density, a dampened immune system and reduced metabolism, which often leads to re-gaining weight later.  More importantly, it can cause you to be irritable, overly stressed, depressed  and have impaired decision making skills and places a lot of stress on your heart.  None of this sounds like the person you want to be – especially during the wedding planning process, does it?

I never understood why all of the major diet and exercise plans tell you to consult a physician before starting any weight loss plan. Then, I turned 50. Now it makes perfect sense. Your doctor can tell you if the weight loss plan you have selected is safe and that potentially dangerous medications are not being used with weight loss. Also patients with certain medical illnesses such as kidney disease may need to avoid certain diet plans such as diets that recommend high protein intake.  Patients with high blood pressure or heart disease should avoid diets high in salt. I know that sounds confusing but, all you need to know is  that it is important to talk to your doctor. He or she will provide much needed support.

Fad diets, extreme workouts, severe dietary restrictions are all ways that we torture ourselves when we want to lose a quick 20 lbs and although it may work short -term, the long term effects are brutal.  Few people can keep up this pace for their entire life and once the workouts and  food deprivation end, the weight comes back on… with a vengeance. Your best bet is to make small changes in your life, diet and exercise. Making small changes, one at a time, gives your body and mind time to adjust to each change and tend to lead to a more successful life plan. According to a study by the USDA, young adults who perpetually diet are 300% more likely to be obese later in life.

Starting out slow with a diet and exercies plan may not yield the quickest reults but it will be the most beneficial in the long run. If all else fails and you have no willpower for a diet and  no time or money for a personal trainer, try these few things and you may be surprised at the outcome:

– Drink as much water as possible.  

-Walk whenever  you can. Walk to work, to the store, anywhere.

-Eat several times a day. Sound hard? Not really. Just cut your meal in half. Eat 1/2 now and eat the other 1/2 in two hours, do this for every  meal. Your stomach is about the size of your fist – eating more than that is unneccessary.

-Eat breakfast every day, even just a  good cereal and a banana will help.

Most importantly, DO NOT deprive yourself f the things you love. It leads to rebound eating and subsequent weight gain. Just eat smaller portions.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago