The Ralph Lauren Bridal Collection

Sorry, there is no Ralph Lauren Bridal Collection but, can you  imagine how phenomenal it would be? Actually, you don’t have to imagine at all. Ralph Lauren’s daughter Dylan was married last July and his Son David in September and as luck would have it, he designed both gowns for both brides and hit a home run both times! You can see a complete pictorial in this month’s Vogue magazine. Here are the highlights:

Dylan’s  gown for her July nuptials was  modern  with romantic silk tulle ruffles, a duchess satin  bodice delicately draped across the bodice and shoulders with light touches of silk tulle. I loved Dylan’s dress, it is perfect;  urban and sleek, yet romantic and sexy at the same time.


Ralph’s son David married Lauren Bush (activist, model and neice to former President G.W. Bush) in September in an Old West themed wedding at papa Ralph’s 17,00 acre Double RL ranch located outside Telluride, Colorado.  Lauren Bush-Lauren wore the most perfect gown I have seen in many years. I know it does bear some similarities to Princess Catherine’s  gown but, with all due respect I have to say that Ralph nailed it and Sarah Burton missed her mark on some key design points.

Lauren wore a  Victorian-inspired  gown with a high neck  and a bit of a pouf sleeve, opting for an open back to show a modern edge. The gown, which took 3000 hours to make, was made of silk tulle that was completely embroidered by hand. Look at eachof those scroll designs – that was embroidered by hand. It was elegant, timeless and unbelievably breathtaking. On her head was a simple crystal headband and a long silk veil. To complete the look,  she opted to wear cowboy boots under her gown. Not a bad choice since the reception was held in a 200 year old barn. Of course they  had  decorated in abundance with fragrant flowers in whites, creams and pale blues.

To complete the Western theme, the groom wore an old timey suit complete with gold vest pocket chains and pinstriped pants. In the pictures, you can see how well the entire look came together. The black and white wedding photo is a nice touch, adding to the antique feel.

According to Mr. Lauren,  he consulted his long time friend and one time assistant, Vera Wang for advice on both gowns. Now, thats’ what I call expert advice.

Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago.