Bridesmaids – The Movie!

From the moment I saw the first trailer or heard the first tidbit of information, I knew I HAD to see “Bridesmaids”.  So when my BFFs called and whisked me away to the movie Friday night, wild horses could not have kept me away!
Let me first explain I am not a movie critic and I have no credentials as such. But, I am a woman and I have female friends, I have been both a bridesmaid and a bride and have lived inside the wedding business for almost 30 years, those are my credentials!

As an unqualified movie critic, I suggest that every woman should be required to see this movie. It examines female relationships so hilariously that you cannot imagine you are laughing about something so inappropriate. More importantly, in this movie you will find one or all of the women who are bridesmaids in your circle of friends; the blushing bride, the innocent one, the real mom, the perfect one, the wild card and the maid of dishonor. You will also  find that one or all of you has had similar feelings or circumstances ( maybe not as highly exaggerated as the on-screen version) as the women in this movie.  You will also be surprised at how sympathetic you are to the plight of the bride and each of the onscreen maids.

Basically the bride’s life is coming together just as the  life of her maid of honor seems to be falling apart. As a result, we are forced to take a comedic and raunchy look at how ridiculous some of  the typical bridesmaid rituals really can get.  we watch and laugh as  Annie ( maid of honor) constantly breaks down and nearly ruins every detail of every event with her hilarious hi-jinks and total ineptitude.  She is spectacular.

Annie is that  little voice in our head; every fear personified, every insecurity magnified. She is the funny, un-hinged, insecure girl with a heart of gold who just keeps getting kicked around. Her actions and re-actions to every situation are priceless.

The  movie allows us to admit that the wedding and  bridesmaid gowns are hideous even though they are ultra-expensive.  It allows us to admit that the over-the-top shower invitations ( including a live butterfly) are pretentious and the favors given out by the hostess have simply gone way too far.  It allows us to laugh when life throws a big banana cream pie in our face and eventually realize the only important thing is to hold on to the relationships you have spent a lifetime building.

Rarely do I say this ( and anyone who has seen the movie will probably agree) Bridesmaids II will almost certainly be as good as if not better than the first. Mostly because there are so many other aspects of the wedding that have yet to be examined under a humorous microscope but also because I really fell in love with these women – first as my own friends and then again on screen last Friday.

-Penny Frulla for Bridal Expo Chicago