Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring & The Princess Diana Connection

Now that photos are popping up all over the Internet of Kate’s engagement ring, the speculation of the tone and feel of the wedding begins with fervor. It is indeed the same ring that Princess Diana wore on her wedding day back in 1981 to Prince Charles. “Kate Middleton, the future Princess Catherine, debuted her engagement ring at St. James’s Palace in London on Tuesday,” says The Huffington Post. Those of us in the bridal business will be buzzing for months as one detail at a time of the 2011 Royal Wedding is planned and revealed. What kind of invitations will the Royals choose? What bridal designer will design Kate Middleton’s wedding gown? Vera Wang? Monique Lhuillier? Or could it be Oscar de la Renta? Or perhaps a designer from the UK like Ian Stuart? Will the entire wedding being a spectacle or a more understated affair? We in the States love a great fairytale and now 2011 brides in America will have something to be inspired by! By the way, Princess Diana’s engagement ring cost about £30,000 or $47,000 in 1981 and is made from 14 diamonds encircling a sapphire.