An Exclusive Interview with Designer Carlos Ramirez for Liancarlo


Photo courtesy Just Love Me Photography + Design at Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury

As New York Bridal Fashion Week quickly approaches, we had the opportunity to interview designer Carlos Ramirez of Liancarlo, one of the industry’s most respected bridal houses. Designed, manufactured and produced all in Miami, Florida, Carlos is known for his exquisite embroideries and innovative fabric techniques.

Jim Verraros: You attended law school and instead of interning at a firm, you sold a few sample dresses which essentially birthed the start of Liancarlo. Can you describe the very first gown you ever sold?

Carlos Ramirez: The first few pieces I started out with were actually not gowns, but sportswear pieces.  I thought those would be an easier way to break into the market.  It was almost a year or so later that the sportswear began to morph into late day/evening and slowly into gowns.  But the first piece was a very “gypsy” inspired piece with a neckline that fell slightly off the shoulder and antique lace appliqued on a silk chiffon ground. It was the late 80’s after all!


Photos above courtesy Just Love Me Photography + Design at Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury

JV: I love that your whole approach to fashion is how you approach art. Does inspiration begin with a painting that leads into a garment, or is it the other way around? Are they completely separate or very much connected?

CR: It’s ALL connected. Ideas occur in one space and are developed further in another, and that applies to pattern, shape, cut, the use of color… almost anything is “food for thought.”  A couple of seasons ago, while spending a really frustrating day working on new embroidery patterns, I left frustrated and absorbed in thought at the end of the day and went to my regular yoga class.  On the back of the guy in front of me was this small flower tattoo, it looked almost like a cornflower.  Well that was it! I got home and drew up various versions and the next morning I was emailing patterns to Italy for the embroidery.

JV: Your collections have stunning metallic threading and embroideries. Do you have a favorite gown you’ve done that you’re really proud of?


Carlos creating abstract flowers from cut up Italian embroidery for the hem of a gown

CR: It is kind of funny, I don’t get too attached to what I have done, I always think the best gown will be in the next collection. It’s just the way I think.  In every collection I have favorites, but I am always excited about what to do next; that they don’t compare to the ideas or thoughts I have going forward.

JV: We’re heading into New York Bridal Fashion Week very soon! Can you share with us some hints about what we can expect from you for your Fall 2016 Bridal Collection? Any photos or sketches you’d like to share are welcomed. 😉

CR: I will have photos since we just recently did our photo shoot.  That was awesome, we again took over my house and my paintings and the canvas served as a backdrop. It was very cool, it’s like my whole vision blending into an image. This collection is really cool.  There are of course new embroideries; I worked with a new mill to develop this really unique metal threadwork, it’s very fine and delicate, almost like filigree. Beautiful.  Also, I used one embroidery to create abstract flower patterns, it was almost like painting in fabric.  It took forever to cut up and create the flowers since it was the whole hem of a ball gown and then we added crystals.

Liancarlo Pic Grid 1

Liancarlo, Fall 2014 Collection

JV: One of my personal favorite bridal looks you did was on Jamie Lynn Spears who looked timeless and elegant in her Liancarlo gown and gorgeous veil. Who’s your dream celebrity client to dress either as a bride-to-be or for a red carpet event?


CR: I think we have lost perspective on who some of these people are.  I am perfectly content dressing a nice intelligent bride that I meet at one of my trunk shows.  Often times I meet the most fascinating and genuine women at our shows, and I am honored to be part of their happiest day. That works for me.


Carlos designing embroidery patterns above

JV: You’ve recently joined Facebook which I am so excited that you have! You’ve been sharing a lot of your gorgeous artwork lately…how do we purchase a Carlos Ramirez original?


CR: It’s at one gallery for the moment, but I am about to sign up with 2 more galleries.  It will be on my website:

JV: The bride today is so much different then the bride of ten years ago in terms of style and buying behavior. How do you feel social media has influenced today’s bride?

CR: Obviously greatly, but it’s not just social media, it’s the internet as a whole.  The fact that brides can look at collections, wedding ideas from hundreds of resources, concepts that they may not have thought of before, really helps to expand the realm of creativity when it comes to putting a wedding together.  I think it’s a huge plus; I hear all these stories from brides about what they are thinking of doing for their wedding and think wow, that sounds exciting and fun.

JV: Is there a designer either in bridal or ready-to-wear that you respect or have admiration for?

CR: I actually have had a huge respect for Valentino (the man not the current label) for all of his career.  In many ways he really dressed people and wasn’t just about the hype.

JV: Your gowns can be heavily beaded and embellished and still be as light as a feather! How do you do it?


Photo courtesy Just Love Me Photography + Design at Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury

CR: I work very hard at that.  I always think the person should wear the dress and not vice versa, so I look for ways that they can remain light and wearable.

JV: What would you say is one of the biggest mistakes brides make when shopping for a gown?


Real Bride wearing Liancarlo, style 5806, photo courtesy Troy Grover Photographers

CR: Too much shopping and too many opinions.  Once you have an entourage, you are dressing by committee, don’t do that.  Go with your feelings, have a close friend or relative that knows you help you out, but someone that also respects your individuality.  And by all means when you’ve found the gown, buy it and move on.  Lots of brides spend months looking for a dress, and end up getting confused after having tried on hundreds of styles, that they end with a poor choice.  Stop when it’s right.


Photo of Carlos Ramirez on the runway at Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury courtesy Just Love Me Photography + Design

Thank you so much, Carlos for spending the time with us! We can’t wait to see you in New York for Bridal Fashion Week!

Click on the video below to see the movement of Liancarlo gowns on our runway:

–Jim Verraros

Liancarlo available in Chicago exclusively at Ultimate Bride

To see the collections and to find a retailer nearest you, visit:

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An Exclusive Interview with Designer Anne Barge

As you may or may not know, bridal fashion is an integral part of our luxury bridal events, which is why we are SO thrilled to have designer Anne Barge as part of our Luxury Bridal Event tour for 2016!

As we lead into New York Bridal Fashion Week (less than a month away), we asked Anne herself about the bridal industry, where she sees it going next and what we can all expect from her this coming Fall!


Jim Verraros: Since childhood, you’ve become fascinated with weddings and cite your Mother as a source for your inspiration. Can you take us back to a memory of a wedding that’s always stayed within you?

Anne Barge: My mother was an organ pianist and started taking me with her to ceremonies when I was barely three years old. I have one vivid memory of a wedding where the entire church was filled with gardenias. Watching the bride come down the aisle to the wedding march, smelling the sweet floral air, the whole experience was like a fairytale. It was then that I began to focus on my lifelong dream.

JV: Are there other bridal designers or colleagues that you appreciate or have an affinity for?

Anne: When I graduated from college, I worked as Jim Hjelm’s assistant at Priscilla of Boston. He is one of my oldest and dearest friends. As a retailer, I was one of Amsale’s first customers and we have stayed close family friends ever since. Beyond being great people, I think the two are both fabulous designers who have made enormous contributions to our industry.


*Pictured above Anne and James Clifford Hjelm

JV: The Bridal World is constantly evolving and changing; particularly now with the trend of low backs and sexier silhouettes and necklines. Where do you see bridal heading in the next year or two?

Anne: The trend in bridal has definitely gone as low and as bare as it can in recent years. I predict the pendulum will swing back and designers will start to explore more conservative styles. My aesthetic will always be one of refinement, we interpret trends in a way that upholds our timeless and classic style.


Anne Barge “Black Label,” Spring 2016 Collection

JV: One of my favorite red carpet gowns you’ve done was for Amber Riley on Fox’s hit show, “Glee.” Can we expect to see more evening and red carpet from you?


Anne: We loved that gown on her! Joan Rivers claimed it was one of the best dressed of the SAG awards that year. Bridal will always be our main focus, but many of our gowns can be designed in color for evening wear.

JV: There are so many options and choices for Brides today, it can be overwhelming! What is your best advice for a bride who’s shopping for the perfect dress?

Anne: Above all, go to a reputable salon. There are so many fantastic professionals with decades of experience who can help you select exactly what you’re looking for. I should know, I used to be one of them! Keep your fan club small until you have made your final selection. Crowds can be very distracting.

JV: Let’s say there’s an aspiring bridal designer out there, sketching away and hopes to one day become a household name like you. What words of advice would you give to an aspiring bridal designer?

Anne: Work experience is invaluable. Pick a designer you admire and do everything you can to intern, shadow, or work on their staff. There is so much more to our business than meets the eye.


Anne Barge Collection, Spring 2016

JV: New York Bridal Fashion Week is just a few months away. What can we expect from you for your newest collection?

Anne: Our new collection is still in the muslin (cotton fabric) stages, so the finished products will evolve several times before October market. I’m very excited about the next collection, it will embody everything that defines the Anne Barge Bride. She’s timeless with a modern twist. We can’t wait to show you!

JV: How long has it been since you’ve been to Chicago and what’s your favorite thing about our city? We can’t wait to have you!

Anne: It has been a couple of years since I was last in Chicago, but I love your city. My favorite hotel is The Burnham with its Mozart music print drapes, and I love the street shopping on East Oak. Of course, a visit to Belle Vie Bridal is always a must! It’s a beautiful salon.



Pictured above: Anne Barge and Jim Verraros


*Anne Barge Collections available exclusively at Belle Vie Bridal Couture, Chicago.

*To see Anne Barge’s collections, visit:

*Follow Anne Barge on Facebook:

Anne Barge on Instagram: @annebargebride



*Anne Barge Trunk Show: Sept. 18th-19th, 2015. To schedule your consultation for your Anne Barge gown, call 312.751.2222.


Spring Bridal Events!

Brides, if you’re planning a wedding and you’re on the hunt for wedding professionals to help assist in making your dream day perfect, don’t miss our schedule of April Luxury Bridal Events.

Sunday, April 12th at the Marriott Chicago Northwest in Hoffman Estates


Sunday, April 19th at the Doubletree by Hilton Oakbrook

Welcome to the DoubleTree by Hilton Chicago- Oak Brook Hotel

Sunday, April 26th at Georgio’s Banquets in Orland Park


Not only will you have the opportunity to book appointments with our exhibitors, but you’ll also have the chance to see the top designers in bridal and bridesmaids on our gorgeous runway! Names like Ines Di Santo, Lazaro, Liancarlo, Mira Zwillinger, Inbal Dror, Edgardo Bonilla, Yaki Ravid, Johanna Johnson, Hayley Paige, Alvina Valenta, Matthew Christopher, Tara Keely, Sophia Tolli, David Tutera, James Clifford, and bridesmaids by Alvina Valenta, Jim Hjelm Occasions and Noir by Lazaro.


{photo above courtesy Just Love Me Photography + Design}

To order your four complimentary tickets to any of the events mentioned above, visit our website at: and use the Promo Code, FB-Spring! We look forward to seeing you and to helping you assist in your wedding planning!

Jim Verraros for Bridal Expo Chicago + Milwaukee Luxury Events


An Afternoon with Ines Di Santo

It’s not every day we have the pleasure of welcoming a celebrity designer to one of our events. Ines Di Santo is a celebrated designer of bridal and evening couture, but more importantly, she gives each gown her personal touch: “Your wedding day is your chance to have your red carpet moment, and I’m here to help you look and feel amazing.”


Her sense of glamour and vibrant femininity inspires every appointment. She custom fits luxury to your body and spirit with her mastery of tailoring and construction that has been perfected over countless brides in the United States, Canada and beyond. Combining her European aesthetic with her innate sense of design, she experiments with swathes of silk, lace, embroidery and embellishments to effortlessly create your perfect gown.

We had the distinct pleasure of featuring her and her newest Fall/Winter 2015 collection at our event on Sunday, February 22nd at the Marriott Michigan Avenue in Chicago.


Not only did she captivate our audience with her words of inspiration, but the gowns truly made a statement on our runway.




To learn more about Ines Di Santo and to view her entire collection, visit her official website: To schedule an appointment for your Ines Di Santo gown viewing, visit Chicago’s official Ines Di Santo retailer,

To see our event film captured by Mirar Productions, click below:

Thank you to: Marriott Michigan Avenue, Tamara Makeup + Hair Artistry, Ines and Veronica Di Santo, Bella Bianca Bridal Couture, Just Love Me Photography + Design and Mirar Productions.

An Evening of Bridal Luxury with Matthew Christopher


One of our most favorite venues to host our luxury bridal events is the majestic Drury Lane Theater, located in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois. The incredible chandeliers, the history behind this venue and the incomparable service all lend themselves to a truly magical experience.
We were lucky to have designer Matthew Christopher with us for the evening, as we showcased his newest 2015 “Reflection of Inspiration” collection to over 1,200 attendees. This collection was filled with impeccably fitted gowns, beading and his signature laces that the industry has come to know and love from Matthew.


To shop Matthew Christopher’s collection, visit our Preferred Retailers:

Dimitra’s Bridal Couture in Chicago, Illinois: 312.787.0920

Volle’s Bridal Boutique in Lake Zurich, Illinois: 847.438.7603

Wolsfelt’s Bridal in Aurora, Illinois: 630.896.7166

A special thanks to Tamara Makeup + Hair Artistry, Just Love Me Photography + Design and Mirar Productions for helping to make our event a true success!

To see a sneak peek of our event with Matthew, click on the link below:


Jim Verraros for Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury

New York Fashion Week- Oscar De La Renta

New York Fashion Week is in full swing, and with the Oscars quickly approaching this Sunday, we have our eye on what might hit the red carpet.

With the new Creative Director, Peter Copping for Oscar De La Renta, all eyes were on him as we wondered whether he’d stay true to the legacy of ODLR, if he’d change it completely and birth a brand new ODLR or, if it was a mix of both. The results?

ODLR2Super chic and classic, wearable cocktail garments that any woman would love. But, we wanted to see the showstoppers. The gowns, the red carpet pieces we’d be sure to see at the Oscars.

ODLR4Perfection. Peter, we’ve got to hand it to you— if this is how you continue to reign at ODLR, we’d say you’ve got quite the bright future ahead of you. Oscar would be very, very proud.


Jim Verraros for Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury

Spotlight on Bridal Designer Ines Di Santo

Brides, you’re invited to a very special bridal event! Join us on Sun., Feb. 22nd at the Marriott Michigan Ave Chicago as we present an afternoon of all things luxury! We welcome celebrity designer Ines Di Santo as we present her newest couture bridal collection live on the runway! She’s dressed Carrie Underwood, Angela Bassett, Kesha, Serena Williams, Giuliana Rancic and so many more! For your four complimentary tickets, visit:, and use the promo code, “FB-0127!” But hurry-this offer won’t last long! We can’t wait to celebrate your engagement and help to plan your dream wedding!

From LA to NYC and everywhere in the world, Ines Di Santo gowns capture the imagination of fashionistas everywhere!

From LA to NYC and everywhere in the world, Ines Di Santo gowns capture the imagination of fashionistas everywhere!

Ines Di Santo’s gowns are so beautiful that even celebrities have chosen her designs to wear on their most important day. From the recent nuptials of Jenny McCarthy and Courtney Mazza to Nicole Polizzi (Snooki of Jersey Shore) and Niecy Nash, the stars are clamoring to wear her couture confections.

Courtney Mazza photographed by Kevin Weinstein

Courtney Mazza photographed by Kevin Weinstein.

Our upcoming luxury bridal event on Sunday, February 22nd at the Marriott Michigan Avenue in Chicago will be the perfect place to see Ines and her newest and most glamorous collection to date. We look forward to this event and hope to see you!

True Bridal Luxury at Drury Lane Theatre on September 10th

Save the date and reserve your tickets to this season’s largest luxury show!  It’s all happening on Wednesday evening, September 10th at the historic Drury Lane Theatre in Oak Brook.  The doors to the event will open at 5:45pm for early arrivals and Chicago’s top wedding vendors will be on display and available until 10:00pm.

This is a great opportunity for couples and members of their bridal party to walk through aisles and aisles of incredible displays featuring invitation specialists, catering ideas, wedding cakes, florists, decorators, photographers, honeymoon experts, wedding gowns and everything else any bride or groom would need to plan a wedding of their dreams.  And if you are looking for the perfect gown, you’ll want to take a seat for the couture runway show running from 8:00pm until 9:00pm. We’ll open our show with a spotlight on gowns by Victor Harper Couture.  (To reserve tickets, order at )

8-17-14 aWith more than 60 exhibitors, you and your entire bridal party will discover new resources, find creative ideas to express your individuality and be able to talk one-on-one with exhibitors and experts. It’s a one-stop shop filled with amazing experts!  (Above; runway photos by Just Love Me {Photography + Design} and the gorgeous exhibitor shots are by Angela Swan Artist and Vito and Julia Photography.)

8-17-14 bIn this series of images from previous luxury bridal shows held at The Drury Lane Theatre and produced by our company, you can see previous displays by Taylor & Company- a table setting and chuppah by Taylor & Company, invitations by Greenstar Paperie, cupcake samples by Oak Mill Bakery, a place card floral display by Lavish Weddings, a giant 6-tier wedding cake by Delicity Cakes, bridal gowns by Fiancee Couture and rehearsal dinner options by Seasons 52 restaurant in Oak Brook. This is just a small sampling of what you’ll find at our September 10, 2014 event.

8-17-14 cOur fashion show presentation will run from 8:00pm until 9:00pm and include gowns priced for every gown budget: from under $1,000 to more than $10,000.  Set to music and an incredible sound and lighting experience, your journey into the world of fashion will be fun and exciting.  We’ll present bridal gowns by Lazaro, Tara Keely, Hayley Paige, Matthew Christopher, Rosa Clara, Luna Novias, Rivini by Rita Vinieris, Justin Alexander, David Tutera for Mon Cheri, Sophia Tolli, James Clifford, Cristiano Lucci, Liancarlo and Victor Harper Couture.

We’ll also show you the latest attendant gowns by Alvina Valenta, Jim Hjelm Occasions, and Noir by Lazaro. Each model is accessorized with the latest creations by Maria Elena Headpieces and all veils are provided by Nilah and Co.

Bridal Expo Chicago is simply the best show in the Windy City.  Wedding show tickets can be reserved at for just $10 in advance or $15 at the door.  If you have a promo code from our Facebook Page, you may qualify for 4 complimentary tickets only while supplies last.  Above runway photos are by Just Love Me {Photography + Design}.

To see and watch a video from one of our past events at Drury Lane Theatre, click below:






The Oscars 2014: Fashion Hits, Misses and What They SHOULD Have Worn

I don’t think there was a person more excited then myself to watch the Academy Awards last night. I paced for hours around my house, dreaming of couture and what the stars would wear on the red carpet. By the end, though, I was left unfulfilled, disappointed and quite frankly underwhelmed in general.

Let’s start with my picks for Best Dressed:


Charlize Theron in Dior

Kate Hudson in Versace

Cate Blanchette in Armani

Camila Alves in Gabriella Cadena

Maria Menounos in Johanna Johnson

Fashion Misses: Lupita Nyong’o, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Penelope Cruz, Julia Roberts.

Now, I love me some Lupita Nyong’o and she has been nothing short of perfection… until last night. The dress was a bore, the headband ridiculous and overall, the look ill-fitting.

What she wore: Prada.


What Lupita SHOULD’VE worn:


Elie Saab, Haute Couture, Spring 2014.

Yes, she’s worn red before, but if she really wanted that “princess” moment on the red carpet, this would’ve done it. She was nominated, she already had huge buzz around her for her immaculate portrayal in “12 Years A Slave,” and this gown would’ve been much more flattering on her, particularly in the bust area. People are going to put Lupita on their best dressed list simply because she’s a beautiful woman and incredible actress, but let’s face it: the gown was NOT spectacular.

Jennifer Lawrence. America’s Sweetheart wore, of course, Dior. This was predictable as she’s a spokesperson for the design house, but…of ALL the Dior Couture gowns they could’ve gone vintage, they could’ve MADE her something spectacular…but, no. She wore a red dress that gave me narcolepsy.

What she wore: Dior.


What Jennifer SHOULD’VE worn:


Christian Dior, Spring 2012 Couture.

Jennifer is 23 years old, gorgeous and has had her fair share of fashion hits and misses. Most of her choices have been beautiful but last night’s choice was just underwhelming. It was safe and not fashion forward in the least. This gown would’ve given her that opportunity to shine on the red carpet and would have given us FASHION. Excitement.

Amy Adams. Such an incredible talent and usually more of a risk-taker when it comes to red carpet looks. Her caped Valentino at this year’s Golden Globes, her Oscar de la Renta ball gown at last year’s Oscars…I could go on. Last night?

What she wore: Gucci.


It isn’t that it’s horrible or that it’s ill-fitting, it’s just that when you are AT THE OSCARS, as a Nominee for BEST ACTRESS, you choose something that speaks that. No? Am I wrong? Am I REACHING for the stars, here?

Okay, then. This wasn’t appropriate for last night, period and I don’t care that she “dressed for herself and not for anyone else.” It was TOO understated and she can do understated any other day of the year. It’s the OSCARS. GIVE. ME. SOME. FASHION.

What Amy SHOULD’VE worn:


Elie Saab, Haute Couture, Spring 2014.

You’re probably thinking I’m biased or that Elie Saab’s people are paying me to say kind things about their recent collection. I WISH. No, the collection is JUST THAT SPECTACULAR. This would’ve been so stunning on Amy that I would’ve literally jumped out of my seat, picked up my television and kissed it. But, no…she picked boring, un-inspiring and lackluster.

Perhaps one of the most stunning women in Hollywood, Penelope Cruz was another fashion MISS last night. Sure, she wasn’t nominated for anything, but she could’ve put some effort on her gown choice. Instead, she chose a pink bridesmaid dress. Don’t believe me?

What She Wore: Giambattista Valli Haute Couture (must’ve been an imposter version).


Yup. She chose THAT thing. It’s wrong. ALL wrong. Completely unflattering on her. Out of all the couture gowns in the world you could wear, this is your “go-to” dress for the Academy Awards? Ugh.


What Penelope SHOULD’VE worn:


Oscar De La Renta, Fall 2014 RTW.

Why? With her dark hair, these colors would’ve complimented her beautifully. The lace sheer panels in front and cascading layers in the back give it such a couture look. And- it’s Oscar. Enough said.

Oh, Julia Roberts. I love you. Always have, always will. But last night…your black lace gown I did NOT.

What She Wore: Givenchy.


Again, similar to Amy Adams, it isn’t that it’s completely disgusting…it’s just fine. She looks happy and the cut is flattering. It’s just not WOW. With Julia Roberts, I want her to BOWL. ME. OVER.

What Julia SHOULD’VE worn:


Jenny Packham, Fall 2014 Ready To Wear.

The slit in front is just enough and the details on the shoulders give it a couture feel that would’ve given her a bit more of a youthful feel. This would’ve glided down the red carpet and people would’ve been so taken with her in this gown.

Although these four weren’t spectacular, they were pretty. Therefore, I will say these are my “Honorable Mentions.”


Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Reem Acra

Sandra Bullock in Alexander McQueen

Bette Midler in Reem Acra

Angelina Jolie in Elie Saab


Jim Verraros for Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury

Red Carpet Predictions for The Oscars 2014

It’s the day before the Oscars, and if you know me, you know that I’ll feverishly be on all of my social media outlets searching for photos to post on my Facebook page of every red carpet worthy look.

Short and sweet, here are my predictions, or rather, wishes to see on the red carpet for tomorrow’s Academy Awards.

Sandra Bullock, nominated for “Gravity,” in the Best Actress category has always had minimal hair and makeup and gowns that have been hits and some that have been misses. In the past, she’s worn Elie Saab, J. Mendel and Prabal Gurung but here’s what I’d like to see her in:


Armani Privé, Spring 2014 Couture.

Why? It’s dynamic. Glamorous. The detail is out-of-this-world gorgeous and truly exudes “Hollywood Royalty.” There’s a hint of romance and edginess which with a body like Sandra has, can knock this out of the park.

Cate Blanchette, nominated for “Blue Jasmine,” in the Best Actress category has also had her fair share of hits and misses (the bib dress from Givenchy, anyone?), however, she’s also had some massive hits like the stunning black lace Armani Privé gown she recently wore. What I’d love to see her in?


Valentino, Spring 2014 Couture. Why? Cate’s always been known to take fashion risks on the red carpet but also carries herself in a way most haven’t figured out how to do. Cate Blanchette is Hollywood Royalty, and this Valentino gown speaks just that.

Amy Adams, nominated for “American Hustle,” also in the Best Actress category has worn gowns from Antonio Berardi, Oscar de la Renta and Valentino. Never staying true to one particular style or silhouette, you’re always kept guessing as to what she’ll do. YVL_5090.450x675

Elie Saab, Spring 2014. This gown has EVERYTHING and when you’re a “Best Actress” Nominee, you need to look like one. One of my favorite prior looks was the gray Oscar De La Renta ball gown she wore in 2013 and looked like a dream in it. This Elie Saab gown has a bit more structure but also has a softness to it she carries so well.


Jennifer Lawrence, brand ambassador for Christian Dior, is nominated for Best Supporting Actress, in “American Hustle.” She’s always worn Dior on the red carpet, so I doubt she’ll stray from the design house; but will it be hot off the runway or vintage?


For Jennifer, I went back through the Dior archives to Spring 2012 Couture. It’s big, it’s over-the-top and it SCREAMS Oscars. Still youthful because Jennifer is only 23 years old, but ultra-glamorous. This is the ONE NIGHT all year long you can go all out.

And last but definitely not least and everyone’s favorite “Red Carpet Darling,” Lupita Nyong’o, nominated for Best Supporting Actress in “12 Years A Slave,” has been nothing short of flawless on the red carpet. Donning designers from Dior, Gucci and Ralph Lauren, all eyes are on this gorgeous woman right now. The question remains, who will she wear for tomorrow’s Oscars?


Johanna Johnson, Spring/Summer 2012-2013. I envisioned Lupita in something decadent, regal and more fitted to her body since it’s next to flawless. I can imagine her walking down the red carpet and sparkling like the star she’s shown everybody she is.


Tomorrow will be full of surprises and I for one, can’t wait.


Jim Verraros for Bridal Expo Chicago Luxury